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10 Freaky-Good French Fries in Katy, Texas

Surprising, imaginative, and just plain freaky, French fries at Katy area eateries have become mealtime stars.

(Above: Lunch Lady Fries, Bernie's Burger Bus)


Coated with gourmet cheese, draped with marinated chicken, meat, and veggies, sprinkled with secret sauces, and seasonings, today’s fries are no longer just a side item to the burger. Elevate your next burger run with a few of these special French fry orders from Katy area restaurants.


Tonya Ellis & Ashley Lancaster

1. Heart Attack Fries ROKO Grill 406 W. Grand Pkwy. S.

Crispy, golden waffle fries loaded with your choice of sweet or spicy sausage, fried pork, angus beef, of chopped chicken. Get it double-loaded for a small upcharge.


2. Lunch Lady Fries

Bernie’s Burger Bus

La Centerra

2643 Commercial Center Blvd Katy, TX


Covered with slow-cooked beef, aged white cheddar, homemade, brown gravy, green onions, and cheese curds, Bernie’s Burger Bus’ Lunch Lady fries make you happy you skipped eating at the cafeteria and came here. “I’ve been working here two weeks and I thought they were amazing when I tried them,” said employee Kira Clay. The award winning burger joint also prepares special Truffle fries, covered with a light, Italian truffle oil, Parmesan cheese, and green onion, and the extremely popular Honor Roll Fries made with barbecue brisket, crispy bacon, cheddar, barbecue sauce, and green onions.


3. Chili Cheese Shoestring Fries

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

24433 Katy Fwy, Ste. 100

Katy, TX


Freddy’s thinly sliced shoestring fries are a cut above the rest. “Our shoestring fries are crispy, made only after you order them and seasoned to perfection with our Freddy’s seasoning,” says company representative Kimberly Welch.

“They are what set us apart,” added a server.


4. Kourmet Fries

El Kourmet

3939 N Fry Rd

Katy TX


The secret sauce makes Kourmet fries special, says employee Sam Romero. The crispy potato sticks are coated with bacon, Parmesan cheese and a secret in-house Palace sauce. El Kourmet is a Venezuelan-inspired restaurant that started in the Katy area as food truck in 2015.


5. Parmesan Garlic Fries

Willy Burger

6191 Hwy Blvd Katy, TX


Light and crispy, Willy Burger’s Parmesan Garlic fries, are made with tender love and care. “We melt the garlic butter, and then we put a sauce on the fries, then we put them in a bowl in a paper tray and add a little more parmesan cheese and parsley flakes on top,” says Nancy Nery, assistant manager. “It’s very popular, and there is enough for two people to share."


6. Kimchi Fries


1645 Winding Hollow Dr Ste 205 Katy, TX


Spicy is the operative word when describing Hoodadak’s Kimchi fries. “They are made with spicy ketchup, spicy mayo, and spicy pickled cabbage (kimchi),” says owner Sam Kim. The extra crispy fries also include cheese, parsley, assorted salts, and marinated rib eye beef. “Everything is made from scratch,” says Kim. “We put all those ingredients on top of the fries.”


7. Crazy Fries

Joy Love Burger

1801 N Mason Road

Katy, TX


Joy Love Burger goes potato loco with their Crazy fries that combine tater tots, waffle, and curly fries, topped with cheese, and grilled chicken. “People love that,” says owner Alice King. “We also have steak fries as well.” Beef, cheese, jalapenos, and lettuce, over a bed of crispy fries are featured on that menu item.


8. OMG Fries

OMG! Burger

1230 N. Mason Road Katy, TX


Made with fresh, hand-cut potatoes, fried egg, cabbage, green onion, kimchi, sriracha, shredded cheddar, fine cilantro, and a special sauce, OMG fries live up to their name. “That’s one of the most popular items,” says owner and Chef Nina Roowali. “Everybody must try that.” The fries come in large, sharable portions, so everyone at the table can get a taste.


9. Carne Asada Fries

Los Robertos Taco Shop

3200 S Fry Rd

Katy, TX


“Delicioso” is a word used to describe Los Robertos Taco Shop’s Carna Asada Fries. The crispy potato strips are topped with guacamole, grilled, marinated beef, and cheese. “Customers really like them,” said employee Carmen Romero. “Some came in from California and ordered them.”


10. Loaded Border Fries

Texas Borders Bar & Grill

20940 Katy Fwy

Katy, TX


Beer battered, homemade, and topped with red hot chili, queso, sour cream, and jalapenos, Texas Borders Bar & Grill’s Loaded Border Fries are a hot item. “A lot of people order them, especially, during happy hour,” says employee Alicia Purcell. “Everybody loves our fries.


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