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16 of the Frostiest, Coolest Treats in Katy

Katy area ice cream, shaved ice, snacks, desserts, and more cool treats to beat the summer heat.


Tonya Ellis & Ashley Lancaster

It’s hot out there, and what better way to cool down than to enjoy some ice cream or froyo, or sip on a frosty drink? Here are fifteen popular Katy places to chill out with a delicious, refreshing, treat.

Bahama Bucks Original Shaved Ice Company

2240 S. Mason Rd.


Customers visit Bahama Bucks most to sample the over 91 flavors of shaved ice snow cones and the smoothies, says Adam Sankey, a marketing manager. But the tropical themed treat spot also offers frozen lemonade, fresh fruit cups, acai bowls, and Kona coffee frosted lattes. What’s the top selling flavor? “Birthday cake,” answers Sankey. “It’s a white, cake-flavored, shaved ice, covered with rainbow sprinkles. That’s what everyone comes here for.”



1645 Winding Hollow Dr.


Chocolate lovers rejoice at Cocohodo, where Nutella, hot chocolate, and cookies and cream frozen drinks and smoothies are on the menu, along with green tea and other yummy flavors, like mango, strawberry, and caramel macchiato. The Korean-themed eatery’s franchise is known for offering a traditional walnut pastry, filled with sweet, red bean, mousse and a large chunk of walnut. Ice creams are made in-house. “All are my natural ice cream formulas,” says owner Charlie Yoo.



24515 Katy Fwy.


It’s kitchen chemistry at Creamistry premium ice cream shop where workers, or “creamoligists” make the ice cream in front of your eyes. “It’s kind of like a show when you come in,” explains team leader, J.J. Nelson. “It’s liquid nitrogen ice cream.” Flavor combinations are plenty, with birthday cake, infused with French vanilla sauce, and birthday cake mix, being one of the favorites.


Frios Gourmet Pops

2717 Commercial Center Blvd.


Frozen raspberry cheesecake, root beer float, and birthday cake are top selling flavors at Frios Gourmet Pops, says employee Katelyn Simmons. But the Popsicle shop also offers tastes geared toward the grown up palate. “We have some that are vegan, pineapple, and avocado lime,” she describes. “The avocado milk shake is a healthy one.”


5. Hawaiian Paradise Special

Hawaiian Paradise Refresqueria

17602 W Little York, Houston


Customers say Aloha to the Hawaiian Paradise special, says manager Mozesto Hernandez. The delicious, ice cream treat includes mango ice cream, chopped cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, and chili powder, and chamoy spices. “It gives it a little bittersweet, flavor,” Hernandez describes.


Jamba Juice

La Centerra at Cinco Ranch

23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd.


The watermelon breeze has been popular at Jamba Juice this summer, says team member Angelica Arinze. The drink incudes watermelon juice and raspberry sherbet. “The juice is very hydrating and refreshing,” she explains. “People love getting hydrating and refreshing drinks that will cool them down during the summer months.”


Kona Ice of Houston


They don’t have a central location because they operate out of food trucks, but Kona Ice of Houston serves up sweet, cool, shaved ice throughout Katy at area parties, swim meets and other events year round. The most requested flavor is tiger’s blood, a mixture of berries and coconut, says, owner Cherie Sinclair. “It goes off the shelves, superfast.”


La Argentina Artisanal Gelato

3750 S Mason Rd


All natural ingredients set the ice creams and gelatos apart at La Agentina Artisanal Gelato, says owner Florencia Manzilla. “We don’t use artificial colors or flavors,” she says. “Everything is coming from real ingredients.” The Dulche de Leche Choco Chips is a popular item with La Argentina patrons. There are countless other chocolates, various coffee, caramel, and fruit flavors available as well. For those wanting a lighter treat, the eatery also serves sorbet and gluten free desserts.  


9. Chamoyada Chamoyadas Snack 2501 N. Fry Rd.


If you're looking for something new to challenge your taste buds, try this sweet, savory, and slightly spicy Mexican hot sauce made from pickled fruit. The shaved ice treat usually comes in raspberry or mango flavors.


Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

22756 Westheimer Pkwy.


Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt offers over 80 flavors and a variety of toppings to satisfy any sweet craving. All ages gravitate toward the ever popular birthday cake, says manager, Bhariti Patil. The classic chocolate flavor is a hit with customers as well.


Proud Pie

3522 S. Mason Rd.


This dessert lover’s paradise sells more than pastries. Iced coffees, teas, and other yummy frozen drinks are also on the menu. Popular items are the special “Proud Blenda,” iced drinks says supervisor Ashley Abedina. “We have the strawberries and cream. It’s strawberry puree and milk and white chocolates. The white chocolate makes it sweeter.”


Sertino’s Café Katy

25707 Westheimer Pkwy.


Sertino’s Café is the perfect summer time gathering spot, offering breakfast, sandwiches, salads, hot coffees, and loads of delicious frozen coffees and fruit drinks. Ice cream and smoothies are also on the menu, says employee Nicole Medina, and the favorite smoothie flavor is the Banana Rush. “It has banana, strawberry, vanilla ice cream, and orange juice,” she said.


Chick-fil-A Cinco Ranch 23860 Westheimer Pkwy.

Chick-fil-A Katy Green 19303 Katy Fwy., Houston

While supplies last, sip the fresh and creamy flavors of summer with a White Peach Frosted Lemonade or White Peach Tea Lemonade.


14. Strawberry and Mango Drink

Snow Bubble Hut Snow Ice and Bubble Tea

406 W. Grand Pkwy.


Snow Cones and slushes are on the menu at this Asian inspired snack spot that also serves various teas, snacks, and coffees. The most popular flavors are strawberries and mangos, say employees. Add a tapioca or fruit flavored sinker ball to your drink for extra taste.


Yakety Yak Shak

28002 Rose Ln.


Kids rush to get Shark Attacks at the Yakety Yak Shak, when it’s open in spring and summer. This popular snow cone is made with blue raspberry and tiger’s blood (a mixture of strawberry and blue coconut) flavors, and includes shark gummies and Sour Patch Kids candies. Another favorite is the Captain America, says owner Amy Hiller, which includes regular coconut, raspberry, and blue coconut, with a star shaped gummy on top.


Stacked Ice Cream 2211 N. Fry Rd.


Nom-nom-nomnomnom-nom.... Virtually every cold, creamy concoction at this popular ice cream joint is positively dripping with unique flavors and outrageous toppings, but the Cookie Monster is a big, blue pile of delicious fun. Homemade ice cream in between two perfect macaroons and sprinkled with, you guess it, cookies. You should also try the Jasmine Milk Tea, classic Birthday Cake, or Honey and Lemon Sorbet.


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