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Services Announced for Two-Year-Old Drowning Victim Naomi Grace


June 3, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

After a tragic water accident last Wednesday, two-year-old Naomi Grace Mollon died giving the gift of life to four other families as an organ donor. The family announced services will be held tomorrow and invites the community to share in celebrating her life.

Photo Courtesy: Miracle for Naomi Grace Facebook Page

Service Information

The family has announced that services will be held at Schmidt Funeral Home in Katy (off Grand Parkway) tomorrow, Tuesday June 4th at 10:00 am. Anyone is welcome to attend who wishes to celebrate their sweet baby girl's life. Parking is limited so guests are encouraged to carpool.

A Parent's Nightmare

Naomi Grace Mollon was raced to Texas Children's West Campus Memorial Day, May 27 from a Katy residence at Painted Brush Dawn Court. She was found in a hot tub, unresponsive in a near-drowning accident. The situation was severe and the family turned to the community through social media asking for prayers.

"I don’t have the words to express how grateful we are for the continuous love and support shown by our community and truly the world," says her family on their Facebook site.

Making the Choice to Save Lives

When the little girl's critical condition turned into their worst nightmares, the Mollon family made the choice for Naomi Grace to be an organ donor.

"As few know, Naomi will continue to live on. She gave the gift of life through organ donation. My baby has been a MIRACLE to so many families. What we know now is that Naomi has saved a 3 month old, 4 month old, 39 year old, and 53 year old. She will continue to be a MIRACLE to many more people," says the family on their Facebook site.

Photo Courtesy: Miracle for Naomi Grace Facebook Page.

Katy Magazine reached out to the family in a show of support and asked about their decision to donate her organs.

Exclusive Statement from the Mollon Family:

"Naomi Grace was the light of our world and we will never stop missing our girl. But once we were presented the option, there wasn’t a second of hesitation. We know she was meant for more and the lives she was able to save means everything to us. Her heart, her liver, and her kidneys gave people back their loved ones. This is something we will never regret. Our Naomi Grace lives on and is continuing to make her very special mark on the world."

Statistics and Information on Organ Donation

"On average, 20 people die every day from the lack of available organs for transplant," states the American Transplant Foundation. "One deceased donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation and can save and enhance more than 100 lives through the lifesaving and healing gift of tissue donation."

How to Become and Organ Donor

It's easy to become an organ donor and save lives. Registration happens on the state level. In Texas, you can either sign up when you get/renew your driver's license or complete the form on the Health Resources and Services Administration site. You can select all organs applicable or specify which organs you are willing to donate. It's also important to tell your family and friends so they can help support your wishes.

Katy Magazine joins the Katy community in supporting the Mollon family through this difficult time.


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