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20 Outrageous Promposals You Won't Believe, Katy!


By Natalie Cook Clark

From skydiving signs, to costumed characters, from food bribes to live animal displays, we've found 20 of the most outrageously fun promposals that will have everyone and anyone saying YES!

1. No Fear of Falling in Love the Ground


2. How Mooving


3. A-Door-Able


4. Donut Miss This One


5. A Love Story


6. What a Catch!


7. Caught in Love


8. Get a Move on....Say YES!


9. Scary Much?


10. It's a Bird, It's a Plan, It's a Senior...


11. Where's My Sticky Note?


12. Hay....


13. What a Catch


14. It's All Golden


15. A Little Dirty...


16. That's How They Roll


17. Don't Be an....


18. Hopefully Not Going Solo


19. Let It Go


20. Date in a Box


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