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Katy Magazine Launches All-Digital Platform

Katy, Texas News (August 15, 2017) - After nearly 15 years of publishing award-winning local content in a printed format, Katy Magazine is excited to announce the launch of Katy's first, all-digital magazine designed to be viewed on phones and ipads.

This decision comes after extensive market research, which shows that while print readership continues at a steep decline industry-wide (3%) digital readership has grown to an unprecedented rate (40%).

"In the past few years, we've seen more engagement and interaction on our social media stories and posts and less and less response in our print issue," says Matt Katsarelis, Katy Magazine's publisher." We know our readers spend a lot of time on their phones and devices so we are meeting them there."

Katrina and Matt Katsarelis are husband and wife publishing team who originally moved to Katy in 2000 from Silicon Valley, California. Before making the leap, they studied studied several highly successful digital-only magazines in large metropolitan markets across the U.S and created a platform that would suit Katy readers well. "We know our readers don't want to click through five screens to get through one story so all our stories are scrollable and super easy to navigate," says Katrina Katsarelis, publisher and editor-in-chief. "We are so excited to be able to connect directly with our readers who can now share, comment, post photos, and email us directly from the stories."

Local businesses will benefit from Katy-specific, highly targeted animated ads, in content that closely matches their market demographic. "The ads are designed to be elegant and non-intrusive," says Katrina Katsarelis. "They're actually beautiful and are about local companies so they're also interesting."

Katy Magazine will be promoting the issue and the stories themselves by way of their popular social media venues. Katy Magazine is known for having one of the top social media presences in Katy with 35,100 Facebook likes, 15,300 Twitter followers, and 6000 Instagram followers.

In between the monthly Katy Magazine themed issues, Katy Magazine will to share up-to-date news items using the digital format, and will continue to share events, community jobs, and resources for the community.

To view Katy Magazine's stories and features, click here.

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For more information email: Katrina Katsarelis, Katy Magazine

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