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Fort Bend Warns Residents: STAY OUT of Barker Reservoir Flooded Areas & Homes

KATY MAGAZINE NEWS - Katy, Texas September 3, 2017

Important Message from the Fort Bend County Office Of Emergency Management

Residents living in the Barker Reservoir area and under Mandatory Evacuation are urged to stay out of the evacuation area. Mandatory Evacuation orders are made only after careful consideration and assessment of danger in a given area.

Areas of Fort Bend County within the Barker Reservoir remain under mandatory evacuation due to the danger that flood water poses to life safety. Water remains high and very dangerous due to the possible presence of debris, downed power lines, waterborne pathogens, chemical contamination, and the lack of visibility. Fort Bend County Health and Human Services has a flyer which warns about the dangers of the flood water still present in the Barker reservoir area.

County Judge Bob Hebert is communicating with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and Law Enforcement to release evacuation notices only when it is safe for residents to return to the neighborhood and to enter their homes. As water recedes, mandatory evacuation notices will be lifted as areas are deemed safe.

Editor's Note: Many Katy residents in the Canyon Gate, Southpark, Summer Pointe, Grand Lakes, and various neighborhoods around the Barker Reservoir flooded areas, are eagerly trying to get into their homes to see the damage and retrieve items although the mandatory evacuation has not yet been lifted. Constables guarding the area will not allow residents in until the mandatory evacuation is over. It seems residents are confused and many think the evacuations were lifted which is why they're trying to get back into their homes.

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