Frank the Bulldog Tribute: Forever a Part of Katy's Harvey History

Katy pays tribute to a dog that was washed away while riding with his owner to save lives. Now Frank the bulldog will always be a part of Katy's Harvey history.

KATY MAGAZINE I October, 2017 Katrina Katsarelis

On August 27, Frank the bulldog was riding on one of the rescue boats when he was swept away into the flooded streets of Katy, and a grief stricken community rallied for days to find him.

When David Scherff, 35, a San Antonio resident heard about the flooding from Harvey, he knew immediately he wanted to help. He collaborated with two Military men he knew who felt the same way. They packed up their pick up trucks, hitched their boats, and headed east on 1-10 toward Houston. "We had no plans to stop in Katy, says Scherff. "But we kept hearing stories about people that were stranded and needed help so we decided to stop."

He loved people, kids, and dogs

By his side was his trusty companion Frank, an English Bulldog, who Scherff rescued three years ago. The two of them were inseparable ever since. Scherff, who runs a speed shop in the San Antonio area, took Frank to work with him every day. Frank enjoyed outdoor adventure and being in the thick of the action. "He had the kind of personality that loved people, kids, and other dogs" says Scherff. "He wanted to be around all of that."

Scherff says the day he was loading up to go to help in Harvey rescues, Frank instinctively seemed to know something important was going on. Although Scherff hadn't planned to take him, the dog followed him and was raring to go.

Dog and man over