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Volunteers Urgently Needed for Harvey Housing Recovery Project


Katrina Katsarelis l Photography by Kim Schaffer

September 30, 2017

Organization is in need of community and contractor volunteers to help rebuild Katy homes

Homeowner Meghan (above) is a single mom in Katy who purchased her home a year ago. The family lost 99% of their belongings. HHR is helping rebuild her home.

Harvey Housing Recovery Project was established to help homeowners rebuild through volunteer efforts and community support. The organization is in need of more contractors and volunteers to continue to increase the homeowners they are helping rebuild.

Helping to heal a community

The organization is working on the first home project now and has seven other families lined up. Anyone not covered by flood insurance is eligible for reconstruction assistance. The reconstruction process is managed by a skilled volunteer project manager. The overall cost of repairs are estimated up front before reconstruction begins. Homeowners are provided with an allowance for materials to help further lower reconstruction costs. The organization is doing its best to keep materials costs low for homeowners, most of whom, have lost the majority of their belongings as well.

Training for volunteers

Volunteers of every kind are needed immediately and necessary skills training will be provided. The organization is hosting a program to teach volunteers how to drywall on Oct 13-15.

Providing skilled labor

Harvey Housing Recovery Project was founded by Kristina Bozoarth as a resource to help devastated homeowners rebuild. By leveraging trained volunteers and trusted contractors, the organization's goal is to significantly lower the cost of reconstruction. In addition to providing skilled labor, the organization hopes to offer a material allowance for the homeowners they assist.

"Do for one what you wish

you could do for all."

-Kristina Bozoarth


To find out more about Harvey Housing Recovery Project or volunteer, contact them through their website.

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