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Katy Police Department Caught Red Handed...

Handing out stuffed animals to children and bringing smiles to Katy


December 22, 2017

Katrina Katsarelis

The Katy Police Department's Christmas helpers (Officer Hughes, the Reindeer and Officer Mohr, the Elf) were caught red handed (or red nosed) spreading joy yesterday handing out stuffed animals. One the first day of their mission to spread smiles, they visited several local establishments and handed out toys to kids. The officers made their way to Texas Children's Hospital where they were able to gift several stuffed animals. PetSmart kindly donated over 1000 stuffed animals for this Christmas smile project! Keep an eye out for the smile patrol around town appearing at various locations this holiday season. Thank you Katy Police Department for all you do!

Police Chief Bill Hastings encouraged the Christmas duo to go out make a child smile.

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