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SAMPLE: Katy ISD Releases Transportation Sustainability Survey

Katy families will receive an invitation to participate in a transportation sustainability survey to address the challenges presented by Katy ISD's rapid growth over the last several years.


Ashley Lancaster

In an email released to Katy ISD families and members of the Katy community, district administration invites everyone to participate in a survey that addresses transportation challenges due to rapid growth.

What to Look For

Katy ISD families who have signed up for updates and news from Katy ISD will receive an email on Wednesday, January 17. Look for "Transportation Sustainability Survey."

District Email "Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Community Members,Over the past few years, Katy ISD has seen a significant increase in student enrollment. Because of our rapid growth, we are now facing transportation challenges including the recruitment and retention of qualified drivers, as well as safety concerns due to traffic congestion within certain Katy communities.

Eventually, Katy ISD will be unable to sustain its existing transportation model should these challenges persist. Our existing transportation model utilizes a two-bell schedule where elementary students who live outside of a half-mile radius and secondary students who live outside of a one mile radius, are eligible for such services. As part of the Katy ISD “Your District, Your Voice” initiative, you will receive an email to participate in our Transportation Sustainability survey on January 17.

The survey outlines two potential options for parents and community to consider in order to address the challenges we face.These options are explained in the following video. No decisions have been made at this point by the Board of Trustees, but your feedback is important. The survey will be open from January 17 to January 31. If you do not receive a survey by the end of this week, please email . Katy ISD#YourVoice"


Your Voice, Your District

The survey is part and parcel of the Your Voice, Your District initiative that gives Katy ISD parents and community members a chance to share their thoughts and have an impact on important issues that affect the overall well-being of students and staff. For more information about #YourVoice, visit

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