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7 Katy Asian Town Restaurants to Try this Weekend


OCTOBER. 12, 2018

By Ariana Pezeshki and Katrina Katsarelis

Opening photo of Square Root Poké

Katy Asian Town's Dining Options

With the highly anticipated Katy Asian Town now open, locals have many more unique and varied options for trying extraordinary menu items originating in Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Korea, and more.

What is Asian Town? Asian Town is a 15 acre cluster of shops, restaurants, and businesses located at 23119 Colonial Parkway (on the northeast corner of Grand Pkwy and IH-10.) The restaurants in Katy Asian Town offer everything from fresh seafood, to hand crafted desserts, to marinated filet mignon, to Vegan poké (de-constructed sushi) bowl options, to name a few.

Here are some delicious Katy Asian Town Restaurants you'll want to know about.



Create Your Own Bowl Square Root Poké offers custom-created sushi bowls to fit each customer's tastes and flavor preferences. The traditional Hawaiian dish, poké, can be looked at as a deconstructed bowl of sushi in a way. Starting with a base of rice or noodles, diners add their preferred meat or proteins, then top it with their choice of sauces and seasonings.

Katy customers have had good things to say about Square Root Poké. “I cannot say enough positive things about this poké restaurant," says Katy diner Elise. "The food is divine. The staff is obviously concerned with making sure you have the best experience possible."

Diner Ronald agrees. "It is really nice to have a poké place in the area with fresh ingredients. The small size has 2 scoops of protein, and is large enough for a meal. Tasty and well priced poké in Katy."



PHAT EATERY (Malaysian)

Gratifying and Satisfying Dishes Yes, you read that correctly! Phat, meaning "highly attractive or gratifying" is Katy's newest Malaysian street food spot that will have you salivating for delectable Malaysian dishes. Customer favorites include various sizzling specialties made of beef, prawns, chicken, or calamari to name a few. "I had shrimp and sambal and it was very tasty and spicy but not too spicy. Their wait staff was friendly and helped me to understand what the items on the menu are. Would definitely go there again," says Dan, a PHAT diner.

With entrees ranging from $15-25, it can get a little pricey, but the atmosphere is modern and trendy, with an array of menu items to choose from. "If you're around the Katy area definitely give this place a try! It might be a little expensive but it's a good experience for a new place in Katy Asian Town," says



YUMMY PHO & BE NE (Vietnamese)

Fresh & Delicious Pho

Fresh authentic Vietnamese Pho could be exactly the thing you need to warm you up in the upcoming cooler months. Their claim to fame is the filet mignon that's marinated in traditional seasonings for 24 hours to get just the right taste and tenderness.

"The beef is so soft and super juicy. It is served with baguette and salads. I also love their homemade butter and paté. it is so so good, I actually had to ask for extra to take home," Says diner Tien.

Katyites swear by the health benefits of pho as well. A hot and spicy pho accompanied by their fresh lemonade is one of the best remedies for a cold or sore throat.

With dishes ranging from $9-12, you won't break the bank get fully nourished.



Hot Pot Basics

If you find yourself asking "what is hot pot?" here's the low down. Hot pot is a cooking method where a simmering pot of soup stock is placed at the dining table and ingredients are and cooked right at the table. Hot Pot is a fun form of communal where diners can cook their choice of meats and other items. They also offer vegetarian options such as noodles, rice, veggies and tofu.

Originating in the Mongolian Empire, Hot Pot has been around, however as of recent, Western culture has taken on the dining trend and influence caught fire from the variations of hot pot from Asian countries. First timers who stepped out of their comfort zone to try hot pot seem to really like it. "Hot Pot was really good. We did fine for our first time," says diner Rory. "Trying to eat noodles with a spoon or chopsticks was difficult but we managed okay, and the food was great."



Authentic Home Style Chinese Food

Katy Rice King offers Katyites those traditional Chinese classics we love like Kung Pao chicken, Mongolian beef, beef broccoli, pot stickers, chow mein, egg rolls, fried rice, and much more. A full lunch meal is around 7.95 per person and dinner meals start at $8.95.

You can purchase family meals that feed 4-5 people for a reasonable $35; guests can choose three entrees and two sides. Head Master Chef, Wanli Peng says, everyone loves the feeling of a home cooked meal, and that's exactly what Katy Rice King provides.

"By far the best Chinese we have had since moving here in 2015," says Katy resident Alice. "Everything was hot and none of the food was greasy, great quality, the portions where a good size (everyone had food left over) so you definitely get what you pay for and the prices are reasonable. We will definitely be ordering from here again."





Beard Papa's is a well known bakery to it's fans as “World’s Best Cream Puffs,” becoming a household name in 1999 when founded by Yuju Hirota in Osaka Japan. The international chain of Beard Papa's delicious specialty cream puffs expanding right here in Katy with 250 stores located in Japan, and 300 worldwide.

Originated in Osaka The name Beard Papa originated from the original baker in Osaka, Japan, "after his fluffy, white beard". As legend has it, a group of children visited the original bakery and asked Beard Papa for a new sweet treat, not wanting to disappoint, "Beard Papa thought and thought. Then, as he stroke his fluffy white beard, it suddenly hit him. “I’ve got it! My fluffy beard. I’m going to make an original recipe for cream puffs that are just as fluffy and lovable as my beard! They don’t call me Beard Papa for nothing.”

"Beard Papa's cream puffs are heavenly! I only tried the vanilla and green tea filling because they've been selling out so quickly, but that just gives me a reason to keep coming back," says Cindy Nguyen. "The chilly light filling is the perfect hint of sweet and light puffy shell is so wonderful you'll forget about counting any calories when you step in these doors. Can't wait to try the other flavors."


(SUL) BINGSU (Korean)

Shaved Ice Korean Style

Katyites are flocking to Sul for Korean desserts with something for everyone. "Sul" in Korean means "shaved Ice". These uniquely hand crafted and beautiful desserts are a wonder to look at and perfect for a cool treat on a muggy Texas day, What more could you want than shaved ice with a decadent whole slice of cheesecake on top , Oreo's, to macrons, and sprinkles, only to name a few of their toppings!


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