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Katy JINYA Ramen Bar Burglar May Be Connected to Other Restaurant Thefts


December 6, 2018

by Natalie Cook Clark

Security cameras caught the burglary at JINYA Ramen Bar near Mason Road and revealed a well planned crime that the bar co-owner believe is connected to other local robberies in the area.

JINYA Ramen Bar Burglary

On November 30 around 5:30 am the suspect broke into the JINYA Ramen Bar, located at 21788 Katy Freeway Ste. 100. Camera footage shows the suspect use a glass breaking device to break in and enter the restaurant. He then went straight to the back office and took the safe before returning to his vehicle to leave the scene. The suspect covered his face with a t-shirt and concealed his license place from the camera. He appears to leave in a Chevy Tahoe. It's that Tahoe and the style of the break in that the restaurant's co-owner Keith Huang believes connects this suspect to similar crimes across the Houston area.

See the footage of the robbery taking place below:

(Media provided by Kevin Huang)

"My theory is that he was on a four or five day swing around the greater Houston area," said co-owner Keith Huang. "Fadi's in Memorial City was also broken into and the style of the crime, the suspects build, vehicle and even the shirt he used to cover his face all appear the same. There have also been similar burglaries in the Heights. He seems to be targeting restaurants with a similar glass front doors because he has this glass breaking device. He then goes straight to the office to get the safe and even has a crowbar so he can take safes that are bolted to the ground."

See Footage of Fadi's Memorial Break in below:

(Media provided by Kevin Huang)

A police report has been filed on the crime and Huang believes the suspect got away with a few thousand dollars in cash. This was not the first burglary to take place at the JINYA Ramen Bar. "A few days before our grand opening two men threw a rock threw the glass door and broke in. They left without anything because at that time there wasn't anything to really take," Huang said. "It's just's bad luck."

Huang says that they are adding additional security measures. "We've also talked to the complex management about adding 24 hour security. "I think we have a strong case for this," says Huang. To his knowledge his restaurant seems to have been the only Katy business broken into by this suspect.

If anyone has information on this crime authorities ask that you contact the Houston Police at 713-884-3131.

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