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Three Suspects Apprehended in Katy for Burglarizing Vehicles, Stolen Firearm


September 4, 2019

By Jennifer Miko

Earlier this morning, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office posted a social media alert informing residents that they were in pursuit of three men suspected of burglarizing vehicles in the Silver Ranch subdivision in Katy.

Photo: Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office

Jimmy Heyward, 19, Jayvon Hughes, 18, and Jermaine Strong, 19, (pictured, left to right above) are now in the Fort Bend County Jail facing several charges: theft of a firearm, engaging in organized criminal activity and misdemeanor evading arrest.

Pursuit of Suspects

Around 6:15 am, deputies discovered a burglarized vehicle on the 3600 block of Buchanan Hill Lane, in the Silver Ranch subdivision. The suspects fled the scene.

The FBCSO took to the air to help locate the suspects. “The helicopter overhead was able to direct a deputy constable to the location of one suspect in a backyard, and he was apprehended,” says FBCSO Sheriff Troy Nehls.

Nehls said they received a lot of 911 calls from residents saying the remaining two suspects were in their backyard. With the helicopter overhead, and the K-9 Unit on the ground, officers searched yards and sheds until the last two men were found.

Canine Deputy Blitz, and Canine Deputy Duco were on the scene. Both dogs are three-year old Belgian Malinois, a common breed trained for police service.

“The dogs weren’t deployed to pull them out of the bushes,” says Sheriff Nehls, and added “the suspects weren’t bitten.”

Suspects to Face Multiple Charges

All three suspects were charged with “organized criminal activity” which is an enhancement charge in Texas.

“When three or more people participate in a crime, that’s an additional charge you can put on them,” says Sheriff Nehls. “We have them on camera from a house, a driveway camera catching them going into a vehicle.”

The three men were also charged with having a stolen firearm, a SIG 9mm handgun,

in their vehicle that was found in Silver Ranch. The firearm had been reported stolen from Harris County. Other items linked to more burglaries were also discovered in the suspects’ car.

Sheriff Nehls says the Katy ISD Police were informed of the pursuit, which was near Tays Junior High. They joined the FBCSO and members of the Fulshear Police Department in the search. Tays Junior High initiated “lockout” procedures until they were alerted that police activity in the area was cleared.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office at 281-341-4665, Extension 1.

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