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Fort Bend County Sheriff Nehls Announces Run for Congress


December 12. 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

With over 25 years in law enforcement and two 4-year terms as the Fort Bend County Sheriff, Troy Nehls hopes to take his service to Washington. He has officially filed and announced his run for U.S. Congress. One of the biggest issues he vows to address is supporting Texas' border protection needs.

Nehls Announces Run for Congress

Sheriff Troy Nehls announced this weekend that he filed to run for U.S. Congress District 22. He had previously announced that he would not be seeking reelection as sheriff and that he had opened an exploratory committee regarding a congressional run. The primary election is March 3, 2020 and the election is November 3, 2020.

"During our exploratory committee we discovered that the people want to see someone with a backbone going to our Capital," says Nehls.

Protecting Our Border

"Some of the issues we are faced with here in Fort Bend County are also federal issues," says Nehls. Immigration is a big issue that I've dealt with as sheriff. It's hard to explain to victims that the individual who assaulted them or broke into their home and stole family heirlooms has been deported before."

Nehls says that during his time as sheriff, hundreds of illegal immigrants have been arrested.

"I support the wall. The number one thing we can do to help our border control is to support President Trump on the funding of his wall."

Two weeks ago, Nehls visited the border town of Laredo, TX.

"We have the poorest southern border and the boarder patrol agents need support," says Nehls. "Right now they are only searching 10-15% of vehicles coming into our country. This is an alarming number and a number that someone bringing in illegal activity would probably be comfortable with trying."

A Federal Issue and Not the Responsibility of Texas Nehls said Texans are paying $400 million a year to augment border patrol. He believes this is a federal issue, and the state of Texas should send a bill to Congress.

"Governor Gregg Abbott realizes that Congress is doing nothing so now we are spending hard earned tax dollars out of Texas to augment the border control for the public safety in the state of Texas," says Nehls.

Nehls believes securing the border would help issues from human trafficking; whether sex trafficking or labor trafficking.

"More people are killed by opiods than in car crashes," says Nehls. "The democrats talk about gun control but by securing our border, it would help combat many of these problems we are having."

A Legacy of Public Service

Nehls comes from a long line of public servants, and there was little doubt that he would eventually become a sheriff. His father Edwin Nehls and older brother Todd Nehls both served as the elected sheriff of Dodge County, Wisconsin. His twin brother Trevor currently serves as an elected constable.

"Growing up we (Troy and twin brother Trevor) used to go on ride-alongs with our father and we just knew to follow this path. My brother Todd is my greatest mentor and talked us into the army."

Nehls moved to Fort Bend County in 1994 and began his service in Texas with the Richmond Police Department.

Nehls has over 25 years of law enforcement experience and is completing his second four-year term as Sheriff of Fort Bend County. He holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from University of Houston Downtown, and an undergraduate degree from Liberty University.

Seeing Double

A big question that Nehls has been addressing lately is regarding his replacement as Fort Bend County Sheriff and he knows exactly who he wants to fill the seat.

"My twin brother, Trevor Nehls has filed to run for Fort Bend County Sheriff," says Nehls. Currently Trevor Nehls serves as the elected Constable Precinct 4 for Fort Bend County, the same position Troy Nehls held prior to becoming sheriff.

Defense Against Critics

Critics are already taking aim at Nehls by talking about his past when he was terminated from a law enforcement position.

"There are politics in all small towns. I was terminated from the Richmond Police Department over twenty years ago," says Nehls. "In fact, that same year I was named Officer of the Year and received a proclamation from the mayor. It didn't prevent me from getting to where I am today. Actually it was probably a blessing in disguise."

Devoted Veteran

Nehls proudly served 21 years in the U.S. Army Reserve, retiring with the rank of major. During his time in the military, Nehls was deployed to Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan and received two Bronze Star medals. He's also a life member and former commander of VFW Post 3903 in Rosenberg.

Proud Husband and Father

Nehls and his wife Jill have three girls, 18, 13, and 6 and four dogs.

"After serving as a principal for 10 years, Jill moved to Bentley Elementary as principal this school year," says Nehls proudly. The Nehls family resides just outside of Richmond.

To learn more, donate, or get involved in the campaign visit Sheriff Nehls' website.

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