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2020 Katy Families Holiday Photo Shoots


December 24, 2020

By Jennifer Miko

This holiday season, let's celebrate the people who make Katy special. In the following pictures, the beautiful spirit of Katy families has been captured - in traditional poses, with funny faces, wearing matching pj's, and holding furry loved ones.

Photo: Lara Lynn with Sassy Massey Photography


The Okley Sisters left to right: Aurelia, Adorabella, and Aurora


The Turpin Family

Photo: Stephanie J. Zamora Photography



The Hooper Family: Jason, Savana, Melanie, Emilee, and Ethan

Photo: Kim Schaffer Photography


The Stanford Family: Ryan, Kim, Hudson, and Jaxson

Photo: Pink Owl Photography


The Skelton Family: James Jr., Astrid, James III, Ashlei, and Jayden

Photo: Laurie Waldrow


The Tschirhart Sisters

Photo: Heather Armijo Photography, Katy Texas Photographer


The Dandia Family: Izze, Maria, Amilah, Layla, and Malik

Photo: Photography by Maria Christine


The Kramer Family: Steve, Michaele, Alexis, Makenzie, Payton, Paisley, and Peanut


ThePeña Family

Photo: Sheri Lynn Photography


The Barnhouse Family

Photo: Jujuu Photography


The Jamnik Family: Liam, Koen, and Finn


The Herrell Family: Michael, Alexa, Piper, and Robert

Photo: Afton Seeser Photography


The Rhodenizer Family

Photo: Lara Lynn owner of Sassy Massey Photography


The Maly Family

Photo: Ellie B Photography


The Vasquez Kids: Olin and Milton


The Dilday Family

Photo: Kim Routon


The Gonzalez Family: Jamee, Trent, Raul, and Alana

Photo: Crystal Star Photography


The Vega Family


The Weatherwaxes Family: Mike, Tara, Cate, and Ryan

Photo: Genevieve B Photography Genevieve Lewis Bowling


The Ramnath Family


The Champman Family


The McKissick Family: Machelle, Michael, Justin, and Mason


The Nalesnik Family: Nathan, Parker, Lexi, and Ashleigh

Photo: Katrina Burson


The Quintanilla Family


The Salomon Family

Photo: The Photo Gal Photography


The Johansen Family: Beckham, Lance, Brittany, Kori, and Kennedy

Photo: Whitney Hope Photography


The Lewis Family: Milton III, Jessica, Milton IV, and Olin

Photo: Ethan Avery Photography


The Valverde Family: Chris, Monique, CJ, Chloe, and Cataleya


The Agnes Family: Lucy, Ally, Agnes, Charlie, Lenny, and Chase


The Garcia Family: Vince, Elissa, and Easton

Photo: ITM Photography


The Beck Kids

Photo: MJ’s Photography


The Cortez Family: Johnny, Kandi, Isaac, Phoebe, Eli, Anabelle, and Thanos

Photo: Credit Sona Law


The Espinoza Family: Jesse, Michelle, Jesse, McKenzie, and Jonah

Photo: Lara Lynn with Sassy Massey Photography

1 Comment

Dec 24, 2020

Great pictures---Merry Christmas to the Katy Magazine Staff--thanks for keeping us informed.

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