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5 Katy Food Delivery Services to Get Dinner on Your Table... FAST


By Jennifer Miko

Katy families lead busy lives so preparing meals seven days a week can be challenging. What day of the week isn’t filled with an activity: homework, meetings, lessons, practices, games or shows? Luckily, Katy area restaurants offer a variety of cuisines at reasonable price points with stress-free delivery options.

Planning and preparing meals takes time, something many Katy families have in short supply. However, local restaurants offer delivery services, or have partnered with companies to manage deliveries for them.



Katy families can select from local establishments like Antonia's Italian Ristorante and Torchy's Tacos, or fulfill the breakfast-all day craving, by ordering from Black Bear Diner.

Door Dash’s user-friendly website is divided into subsections like “Try Me Free” and “Local Favorites." The site provides a virtual slideshow of local restaurants to select your next meal. With Door Dash's real-time tracking feature, you know exactly when your food will arrive.

The corned beef and hash from Black Bear Diner



Use their app and just click on the picture of your favorite Katy restaurant like Kabob Korner, Schlotzsky’s or Tacos Y Tortas Adrian, and Voila! Uber Eats will deliver!

Uber Eats evolved from the well-known people-delivery service. If you don't have the app you can order from your computer using their easy-to-navigate website. Uber Eats clearly lists delivery fees and estimated delivery times for each restaurant.



Grubhub can pick up your orders from Katy establishments like Growler, Landry’s and Pizza Fino.

Grubhub is considered the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering and delivery market place. In 2018, the company provided more than $5 billion in gross food sales to local takeout restaurants. Everyday, Grubhub provides Katy families with the flexibility of selecting from different cuisines, and choosing when they want them delivered.



Enter your Katy zip code on the Postmates app or website and order your favorite Katy meal from Zoe’s Kitchen, Hasta La Pasta, Chick-fil-A and many more Katy establishments.

Their motto is “Anything, anywhere. We get it.” Part of Postmates' mission is to empower people to shop locally without waiting. Katy families can enter their address to find mom-and-pop establishments or national chains to provide a delicious meal.



With so many Katy restaurants to choose from, everyone will be satisfied. If your family is craving a meal from Dish Society, Tiger Noodle House or Becks Prime, Favor will deliver right to your door.

Favor employs "Runners" who provide food delivery services and quick errands (what did you forget at the Target?) in under an hour. Favor also offers delivery fees as low as $1 from select stores and restaurants.


Meals Delivered on Demand

All of these delivery options allow families to eat at home on their schedule – conveniently splitting up meal times so different family members can dine together before or after an activity. Check your delivery service for advanced scheduling options that allow users to pre-order for specific days and times.

Re-ordering your favorite pizza, sandwiches or entrees is also just a few clicks away. Check your account information for your order history and simply schedule the same meal again.

Paying the Check

On-demand delivery apps accept various forms of payment like credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Android Pay. If you save your preferred payment information, ordering becomes even easier.

Planning your next meal takes just four easy steps: choose your restaurant, place your order, pay, and wait for your delivery. Now, the big question...what's for dinner?

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Apr 25, 2021

What about Speedy Food Delivery Services. This was the first delivery food services in Katy (2013) and still working in Katy and surrounded areas. Please support local business.

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