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9 Great Ideas for Katy Families to Make Holiday Magic and Beat the Pandemic Blues


December 4, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy families are finding fun and festive ways to keep the holiday magic alive despite the pandemic causing many events to be canceled.

Together, Katy families can safely celebrate the holiday season at home or from their car. There are so many fun and creative ways to make memories – in the kitchen, snuggled on the couch, or by spreading good cheer to others.

1. Drive-In Holiday Movies at Home

Photo courtesy: Candice Herrera

Make your own drive-in movie theatre at home. Use laundry baskets or put those Amazon boxes to use so the kids can design their own private vehicles. Then offer snacks for them to eat while viewing holiday films from the comfort of their living room “theater.”


2. The Great Holiday Family Bake-off

Photo courtesy: Veronica Miko

Take inspiration from seasonal baking shows and compete within the family for the best holiday treat. Share pictures and ask distant family members and friends to vote for their favorites. Or just have fun and pick a theme, like a holiday movie or character, to bake with the kids. Add some hot chocolate for a deliciously fun family evening.


3. Pajama Night with ‘The Polar Express’

Make your own “Polar Express” while enjoying the classic holiday movie. Wear pajamas (matching or not) make hot chocolate, eat cookies, and make a craft for the iconic bell. Be believers and enjoy the holiday season.


4. Drive-Through Katy Light Shows

Many Katy homes feature spectacular decorations and impressive light shows. Pack up the car, blast the holiday tunes and explore amazing Katy neighborhoods like Pin Oak, or visit the new drive-thru Dewberry Farm experience.


5. The Grinch Can’t Steal Breakfast

Make a holiday-themed breakfast with these great “Grinch”-themed pancakes. Turn on one of the Grinch films and enjoy a family movie during breakfast, while still wearing holiday pajamas of course.


6. Adopt a Katy Charity

Photo courtesy: The Ballard House

Katy has many local non-profit groups accepting donations this holiday season. Celebrate the reason for the season by collecting donations as a family. Learn more about local non-profits and their needs here.


7. Make Homemade Christmas Cards

Break out the craft supplies and create homemade holiday cards! Make them for family, neighbors, or prepare a stack to deliver to local senior living or nursing homes.


8. Katy-Themed Gingerbread Houses

Turn a classic holiday activity into a Katy-themed night! Instead of assembling the traditional gingerbread house, choose a Katy landmark or theme. Show your love for the Katy Tigers, design a Katy ISD stadium, or build the rice silos. Have fun and send us your pictures to


9. Create a Holiday Show to Email to Family

Are you unable to visit all your family this season? Have the kids create their own Christmas show, make an art masterpiece, or sing a Christmas carol. Have fun together and spread the holiday cheer.

What are you doing this holiday season to keep the magic alive during this crazy 2020 year?


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