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A Katy Favorite Fall Festival Turns Spooky with BOOriffic Nights at Dewberry Farm


October 4, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

For years Katy families have reveled in the old-fashioned farm fun at Dewberry Farm, especially during their popular Fall Festival. This year a new owner is turning up the frights (still catering to all ages) with the new addition of BOOriffic Nights.

All photos courtesy of Dewberry Farm

The Spooky Fun Starts this Week

Starting this week, Katy families can enjoy Dewberry Farm’s newest addition, BOOriffic Nights. The Halloween event will take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in October. The event will include all the normal Fall Festival activities along with a many spooky themed events perfect for all ages and fright levels.

“When the sun sets at Dewberry Farm, get ready for the nighttime fun to begin,” says Dewberry Farm Vice President of Marketing and Creative Warren Michael Lyng. “In October our Fall Festival takes a spookier turn during the evening hours as light from hundreds of glowing jack-o-lanterns starts to burn, and Haunted Hollow's Trail of Terror comes alive!”

Their "Scare-O-Meter" Prepares Families for What to Expect

Their website does a great job of describing all the spooky offers and they are even rated on a family-friendly “Scare-O-Meter.” Green being described as “all giggles and no gore,” yellow is “more startles than screams,” and the red category simply says “RUN!”

Popular Attractions

According to Lyng, popular attractions for the event include: Axe throwing with Jason at Camp Crystal Lake, life-sized lanterns of your favorite heroes of horror, photo opts in a replica set from Stranger Things, and much more.

For years, Katy families have enjoyed the farm entertainment found at Dewberry Farm and Lyng is quick to give credit to what the previous owners did for this popular attraction.

How the New Owner is Approaching the Farm

“The previous owners, who were farmers, made huge strides in turning Dewberry Farm into an Agri-Entertainment experience over the years,” says Lyng. “We are coming into this project slightly differently in that we are an entertainment production company who have produced Halloween and Christmas events nationwide for several decades now.”

Lyng says the new management plans to take the already successful farm attraction and increase the entertainment value bringing his expertise to the field.

“We are going to bring our know-how to Dewberry along with some incredible entertainment concepts designed for families to reconnect, have fun, and make lasting memories together at the farm,” says Lyng.

BOOriffic Nights starts at 7:00 p.m. on Fridays-Sundays in October. The event runs until 11:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and ends at 10:00 p.m. on Sundays.

Ticket Information

Tickets are $34.95 for ages 3-59 and $31.95 for Senior Citizens. You do need to select a timed entry when purchasing tickets, but can stay until the event ends.

2023 Annual Season Passes are also on sale for $74.95. This gets you access to Dewberry Farm events from now until December 23, 2023. All tickets can be purchased online.

“The Fall is our favorite season, and Halloween is definitely our favorite holiday,“ says Lyng. “The tradition of trick going to scroll in costumes, coming him and truck or treating with mom and dad is part of Americana which has been lost, to some degree, and swallowed by the ‘blood and horrow.’”

Learn More

Learn more about Dewberry Farm and its exciting offerings at their website.

“BOOriffic Night is a return to tradition with BOOrific Nights is more giggles than gore and fun for the whole family,” says Lyng. “The Trail of Terror does have the haunted house-type jump scares we all love, but overall, smiles win out over shock.”


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