Cayman Islands First Olympic Gymnast is Katy Trained and Coached


July 8, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy has served as the home away from home for Cayman Island’s first Olympic gymnast for over 5 years. Raegan Rutty makes history later this month at the Tokyo Olympic Games and she takes her love for Katy with her.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Bufolin Images

A 4-Year-Old’s Dream

“As long as I could remember, I wanted to go to the Olympics,” says 19-year-old gymnast Raegan Rutty. She recalls watching America’s Shawn Johnson at the 2008 games on the beam. “I was like ‘I want to do that.’”

Rutty started training in her home country of the Cayman Islands, where her family has lived for eight generations, at the young age of 4 and doesn’t recall a day when gymnastics wasn’t serious to her.

She showed talent and most of all, heart but when she was 14-years-old she had exhausted the resources in her home country. To continue chasing her Olympic dream, Rutty would need to leave home and go to another country to continue her training.

Her Journey to Katy

Raegan Rutty with coach Eddie Umphrey

After her Cayman coaches and parents conducted research, they believed that Texas was the place for her to go. For about a year, she and her mom commuted from the Caymans to Dallas where she trained and met with various coaches. That is where she met Eddie and Johnnie Umphrey.