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Chuck Brawner Announces Run for Second Term as Katy Mayor


December 21, 2018

Written by Natalie Cook Clark

Katy Mayor Chuck Brawner announced that he will run for a second term as mayor in the upcoming 2019 city elections. Mayor Brawner served Katy through Hurricane Harvey and continues to guide the city through rebuilding efforts.

Mayor Chuck Brawner and his wife of 32 years, Marcy.

Serving Katy Through and After Harvey

"Serving Katy has been a distinct honor and I would be humbled to serve one more term to complete the work we have begun together," said Mayor Brawner. Working with city drainage issues has been a goal and priority for Brawner even before Harvey. "We had plans developed and in place even before Harvey was named and continue to work on them."

Hurricane Harvey was the second most costly storm to hit the U.S. and it was a disaster unlike anything Katy had ever experienced. Mayor Brawner served Katy through the storm and still is. "I wanted to clean the city up as quickly as possible," said Brawner. "We got 685 residents back in there homes as quickly as we could. There are still people not in their homes so we still have work to do. It was important to me to work to get the city back to normalcy quickly."

In addition to focusing on drainage issues and the ongoing repairs and rebuilding after Harvey Mayor Brawner has focused a great deal on Katy's economic growth. "We've embarked on increasing Katy's economic development. We now have Amazon and now coming Costco and more down road," says Brawner. "The citizens of Katy voted for the bonds for drainage but I have to say we did not raise taxes. Other areas around us have raise taxes but we have not and don't plan to." Brawner's plan is for Katy's economic development to continue to increase and succeed. "My goal is to make the city of Katy a family-oriented town," said Mayor Brawner.

Brawner acknowledges all the great work that the city staff does and it's growing. "Everyone is important to me. I am constantly making events to talk to people and thank them. I try to meet as many new hires as possible and thank them for the decision to contribute to our great city," said Mayor Brawner. "I'm very proud of our EMS and public safety."

Retiring Police Chief Hastings to Challenge Brawner for Mayor

Earlier this week Katy Police Chief Bill Hastings announced his retirement and shared that he too, will be running for Katy Mayor this coming May. "If any person wants to run for mayor it's their right to do so," says Mayor Brawner. "I told Bill just that when he told me his intentions to run."

"I would like to be able to continue the projects I've worked hard on and I'm still working on," said Mayor Brawner. "As Mayor there are a lot of moving parts going on."

Mayor Brawner ran previously on a campaign platform to secure public safety, fight flooding, increase savings, protect private property rights and address issues Katy faces as fast-growing community. "The families of Katy were at the center of my campaign when I ran for Mayor and our Katy families remain the center of my re-election campaign to keep Katy on the right track."

Chuck Brawner and his wife, Marcy, have lived in the Katy area for 32 years and in the city proper for the last 17 years. In December of 2016, Mayor Brawner retired as the Chief of Police at Spring Branch ISD after 21 years of service. Mayor Brawner served on the Katy City Council from 2013-2017, was appointed Mayor Pro Tem in 2014 by former Mayor Fabol Hughes and elected Mayor of Katy in May of 2017.


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