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Cinco Ranch Arson Investigation Underway; "Molotov Cocktails" Possibly Targeting Officer


December 29, 2019

Katrina Katsarelis

In a press conference today, Fort Bend County’s Sheriff Troy Nehls says that someone may be targeting one of the their own with gasoline bombs, known as “Molotov cocktails”. An arson investigation is underway.

Molotov Cocktail Hits Cinco Ranch Home

The first Molotov cocktail was thrown at a FBCSO Sergeant's home the evening of December 23. The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. in a neighborhood along South Mason Road in Cinco Ranch.

The gas bomb struck a window but didn’t break through. “It’s a sad day in Fort Bend County that we have individuals that are throwing Molotov cocktails at homes of some of our employees,” said Sheriff Nehls. Although no individuals were hurt in the attack, Nehls says that if the bomb had gone through the window, it could’ve been deadly to the multiple individuals inside the home.

A Second Attack on Vehicle

At 3 a.m. Sunday morning, another Molotov cocktail was thrown at the employee’s SUV, at the same residence, completely destroying the vehicle. A neighbor’s RING doorbell captured the truck on camera. The surveillance footage reveals a vehicle of interest at the time of the second incident. The vehicle appears be a newer model black F-250 with a silver ladder rack.

The driver of the truck was seen wearing blue jeans, white sneakers, a t-shirt with an over shirt, and a baseball cap. The driver stops in front of the home for 30 seconds to a minute, exits the vehicle, disappears from view, then gets back in the car. Shortly after that, the camera shows the SUV engulfed in flames. An additional person can faintly be seen in the video.

Surveillance Video

Retaliation and Possible Hate Crime

According to Nehls, the employee has been with FBCSO for many years, and has worked in criminal investigations and homicide. Nehl’s says this may be a targeted attack against a peace officer, and as such, the crime could be considered a federal hate crime. "I believe this is targeted. If it would've happened one time last Monday, okay. But to come back five days later, I'm questioning the motive here. Could this be retaliation?" Sheriff Nehls said. “Targeting a member of our FBCSO family is unacceptable.”

Reward Offered for Information

A $10,000 Cash Reward is being offered by Crimestoppers for information, which leads to the apprehension and filing of charges on the suspect(s).

Anyone who has information on this crime is asked to call Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers, Inc. Call (281) 342-TIPS (8477). All calls to Crime Stoppers are ANONYMOUS. You can also submit online:


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