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Cinco Ranch Section I Amenities Closed Over Insurance Lapse; Set to Reopen Tomorrow


August 10, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

All amenities in Cinco Ranch section I closed yesterday when the board announced a “communication breakdown” between the management and insurance company. A new message informed residents this afternoon that playgrounds and tennis courts would reopen later today, but pools will remain closed until tomorrow.

Effective Tuesday, August 9, 2022 Cinco Ranch section I did not have insurance that covers their community amenities. Residents share pictures of yellow caution tape around playgrounds and locked tennis courts and pools.

A new message went out this afternoon stating that pools will reopen tomorrow, August 11, 2022 and that tennis courts and playground will be open by the end of today. The pools delay in reopening is due to lifeguard availability. With amenities starting to reopen it is assumed that the issue was resolved.

“The neighborhood and families are frustrated because the pools have fallen into disrepair this year worse than ever seen, than to be told that we cannot use the pools because the board failed to procure insurance in a timely manner is a blow to the last bit of summer,” says a longtime Cinco Resident and mother of young children.

A message went out Tuesday to residents stating that “due to a breakdown in communication between our Management Company and the Insurance Agent of Record, the insurance policy coverage for our facilities has lapsed.”

Shortly after the message was sent out, their website was updated and said that the insurance provider hasn’t provided renewal terms as of August 8, 2022. At the recommendation of legal counsel, all amenities in section 1 are closed until the situation has been resolved.

Many residents are concerned about what will happen to tennis teams and the Katy Wolfpack that are about to start their seasons and have been told that they cannot use facilities. Many groups have already set their scheduled and received Cinco’s blessing to use the facilities.

“The worst is that all our parks now have caution tape on them, so none of our children can play,” says a Cinco Ranch mom. “This happens right before school starts and we are wanting the children to have these last few days of summer to play, and yet they cannot play in their own park.”

Cinco Ranch is a completed master-plan community in Katy. It is divided into two sections with Katy-Gaston Road serving as the dividing line. Cinco Ranch I is east of Katy-Gaston and Cinco Ranch II is west of Katy-Gaston.

During the temporary closure, all Cinco Ranch I residents could use amenities in Cinco Ranch II.

“I understand that insurance has become more expensive, and companies do not want to insure large aging communities, but the community, the people that pay the HOA dues deserve to know when the board was informed the insurance would not be renewed and why they let it lapse,” says a Cinco Ranch resident.

"I'm glad they will reopen, but it should never have closed," says the resident.

The once popular Cinco Ranch Beach Club still remains closed.

Katy Magazine reached out to Cinco Ranch Management by phone and email and didn’t get a response.


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