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Cinco Ranch Woman Drowns in Backyard Pool


July 1, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Cinco Ranch woman drowned Thursday evening in her backyard pool. Authorities responded to the scene where the family and neighbors performed CPR.

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A Katy Mom Drowned Last Night

According to Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office deputies, a Katy woman drowned last night in the backyard pool of her Cinco Ranch residence. Deputies responded to reports of the drowning around 8:30 p.m.

Authorities say that the family and neighbors were performing CPR on the woman confirmed to be 45-years-old when they arrived to the home at the 22900 block of Roberts Run Road.

Authorities say that she was found in the pool unresponsive by her family, including her children. Paramedics pronounced the woman dead at the scene.

This is an ongoing investigation.

An Ongoing Investigation

“We are praying for the family and hurrying to finish this investigation to give them some closure,” says Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan.

“We are still working out the details, but it seems that she was working in the backyard possibly cleaning a filter and got a cramp,” says Sheriff Fagan. “We are not sure if she fell in or if she was in the pool at the time. By the time her husband and son found her she was face down in the pool.”

Sheriff Fagan says that no foul play is suspected and it is believed that this was a tragic accident.

“It takes 40 seconds to a minute for someone to drown,” says Sheriff Fagan. “We are not taking common sense pool safety seriously enough.”

This is the first reported drowning in Fort Bend County this year but Sheriff Fagan stresses that that is one too many.

Pool Safety Tips from Sheriff Fagan:

  • Ensure that everyone is a strong swimmer when you own a pool. According to FBCSO, the victim in this case was a poor swimmer.

  • Always have a life jacket or flotation devices near the pool.

  • Keep your pool secure. Always have a fence around it and keep anything that someone could crawl up on away from the pool.

  • Don’t run around a pool and NO ROUGH HOUSING.

  • Don’t swim with wounds or if sick.

  • Keep the pool clean. If someone falls in a murky or dirty pool it is harder to see them.

No Adult Should Swim Alone

Fort Bend County Precinct 1 Constable Chad Norvell says that adults should never swim alone.

“No one is immune from suffering an injury or medical event,” says Constable Norvell. “If this happens in the water, you’re obviously at risk of drowning.”

He also advises people to not swim impaired. “It’s nice to have a cocktail in your backyard pool,” says Constable Norvell. “Just keep it under control.”

“And learn CPR,” stresses Constable Norvell. “You never know whose life you may save.”

Katy Magazine sends their condolences and prayers to the family.

Sheriff Fagan urges families to evaluate the safety of their pools and surrounding area. “We can’t take pool safety for granted,” says Sheriff Fagan.


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