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Clumsy Liquor Store Robbers Caught on Video


January 31, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

Authorities are seeking the public's help catching what they've named the "clumsy crooks" who burglarized a Katy liquor store. The video has just been released.

Robbery on North Fry Road

On December 9, three suspects broke into a liquor store on the 10500 block of North Fry Road. Authorities just released the video, which is of good quality and it's easy to see why the suspects are being labeled as the "clumsy crooks."

They stole several bottles of liquor and filled a trash bag with cigarettes before leaving in a hurry in what is believed to be a white sedan. As they left, one of the suspects climbed through the shattered glass and tripped, shattering a stolen bottle of vodka beneath him.

See the Video:

Description of Suspects

The suspects are three white males dressed in black and gray hoodies. They spent nearly fifteen minutes trying to pry the door open before eventually smashing the glass with a crow bar.

"Hopefully someone knows who these suspects are and will call our investigators," says Precinct 5 Public Information Officer Jeff McShan. "One suspect was wearing yellow gloves and had a logo on his jacket that someone may recognize."

Contact Investigators

If you recognize these "clumsy crooks" Constable Ted Heap asks you to call Investigator L. Lizcano at 281-463-6666 or reach out online at the crime tips webpage.



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