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Concerned Katy Residents Advocate for Noise Reduction on Grand Parkway

KATY MAGAZINE NEWS August 16, 2018

Ashley Lancaster

Several Katy residents are advocating for noise reduction solutions during the expansion of Grand Parkway in Katy. Find out how to have your voice heard.

The current construction on SH 99 (Grand Pakrway) from FM 1093 to IH 10 is a a cause for concern for many Katy residents. The project will change the existing roadway from a 4-lane divided highway to a 6-lane divided highway, and add a center cable median and several modifying ramps, and people who live adjacent to or near 99 are concerned about the noise level.

Several community members are creating an advocacy group for noise reduction on SH 99 by using a sound barrier, among other ideas.

"I would add grooving the pavement or adding a layer of asphalt over the concrete to provide more sound reduction," says Wendy Duncan, President/Director of Willow Fork Drainage District.

Katy residents who feel strongly about the amount of noise generated by traffic on Grand Parkway can send a direct message to Ms. Duncan on Facebook with their email and any comments.


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