12 Crazy-Fun Katy Workouts for Women


By Addie Davis and Katy Magazine Editors

Tired of your usual workout routine? Maybe it's time to step up to the barre, or stretch out with some goats. Improving your health and reaching your fitness goals should be exciting and rewarding. So, grab some silks, put on your heels and boxing gloves and find a new crazy-fun-favorite way to get into shape.

1. Aerial Fitness

Don't get hung up on your old fitness routine. Find a new one, like aerial yoga or an aerial fitness class. These exciting yoga classes use silks or fabrics hung from reinforced ceiling mounts. The program is designed to extend traditional yoga, Pilates, and barre exercises to increase flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Where to Go:

Define Body and Mind

27131 Cinco Ranch Blvd #100, Katy

Vibe Fitness

1800 S. Mason Rd., #220, Katy

Lifetime Fitness Cinco Ranch

23211 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Katy

2. goat yoga

Did someone say, "Downward Goat"? Goat yoga combines traditional yoga with, yes, goats. This workout is a fun way to introduce basic yoga positions to beginners. Goat yoga helps participants relax and reduce stress, while interacting with some cute, furry friends!

Where to Go:

Goat Yoga Katy

7738 Katy Fulshear Rd., Fulshear


Do you want to blast up to 1000 calories in an hour? Get jumping! Trampoline workouts can help you lower your blood pressure and improve circulation. Plus, you can try something new and fun while you strengthen and tone your muscles. Trampoline workouts are ideal for anyone with joint problems too.