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Debbie Decker Named as President of Texas High School Athletic Directors Association for 2017-2018

Katy, TX News - Katy ISD’s head athletic director, Debbie Decker, was recently appointed president of the Texas High School Athletic Directors Association (THSADA). Decker is the first person from Katy ISD to serve in this capacity.

In addition to overseeing the day-to-day business of the Texas High School Athletic Directors Association, Decker will also be responsible for writing columns for quarterly newsletters, appointing committees and committee members, and serving on the special events committee, among other tasks.

Courtesy of Debbie Decker via THSADA:

“My vision as President of the THSADA is to engage, encourage and support athletic administrators in the development of knowledge and skills necessary to be successful leaders in educational based athletics.


1. Promote the role of the athletic administrator in the state.

2. Continue developing athletic administrators to their highest level of competency by providing resources through trainings including the state conference.

3. Expand on professional development and leadership training opportunities.

4. Build on the current relationship with the UIL, THSCA and TGCA.

5. Collaborate with THSADA members on how to continue to grow our association.”

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