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Did social media play a role in your Harvey rescue story?

Were you or someone you know rescued through social media during #HurricaneHarvey? Did you assist with rescue efforts using social media or other digital tools?


March 9, 2019

Shared from Harris County ESD 48 Fire Department Facebook Page

Harris County ESD 48 Fire Department needs your help this Saturday, March 10th (10am - 12pm and 2pm - 4pm) and Sunday March 11th (2pm - 5pm) in our Administration building at 21201 Morton Road.

ESD 48 is assisting researchers at The University of Texas at Austin with a Research Study and they need people willing to anonymously share their rescue story. This study has been funded by the National Science Foundation and is focused on understanding “Calls” for help that were posted on social media during Hurricane Harvey.

Volunteers Wanted to Participate in Interviews 1. People who were rescued & used social media or mobile phone at some point in the process. 2. People who rescued someone else & social media played some type of role.

• Share your rescue story with the research team • Show them examples of what you posted on social media • Give your opinions about those posted calls for help • Should take 15-45 minutes • You can select a pseudonym (to keep your responses private) Study principal investigator: Keri K. Stephens, Ph.D. | Moody College of Communication - UT Austin | The University of Texas at Austin If you would like to share but cannot make any of these times, you can reach the team at or dedicated project phone: 512-460-0818

If you are on Facebook and would be willing to share this information you can find our post on our page here.


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