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Finding and Celebrating Love in Katy


February 14, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

It’s Valentine’s Day and couples have been known to find love in Katy. From young love born in Katy schools to meeting at popular Katy hangouts, couples find love and build lives together in Katy.

Brady and Nicole Busby. Photo Credit: Katie Lee Photography

Finding Love in Katy Schools

Brady and Nicole Busby met in Katy at the bus stop waiting to go to West Memorial Junior High in 1994 as 13-year olds. They have now been married 17 years and raising two children in Katy.

A Strong Katy Connection

“We love Katy because we have such a long and strong connection to it,” says Nicole Busby. “We love watching it grow and change and we are proud to raise our children here and call Katy home.”

The Busbys went to the 8th grade dance together and dating all through high school. They both knew sometime during their high school years that this was it.

Brady was born and raised in Katy. Nicole moved here in 7th grade just before meeting the love of her life.

After high school they went to college together at University of Texas at San Antonio.

Brady proposed in Corpus Christie on the beach and the Katy couple was married in 2005.

“After college we came back to Katy and as soon as we were married, we immediately bought a house in Seven Meadows,” says Busby.

Over the years they have watched Katy grow and their hangouts have changed.

“As high schoolers we loved going to the movies at the theatre on Mason Road and we loved the Johnny Carino’s that is no longer there,” says Busby. “Now we love going to Pearl and Vine, and we still like to go dancing at Mo’s on Mason Road every now and then.”

The Busbys are an example of young love and have made their relationship work and grow just as Katy has.

Growing Up and Learning Love Together

What’s their tip for success? “We think it’s just that we have essentially grown up with each other and we know that no matter what obstacle we have, we work through it together,” says Busby.

“We have different personalities but also have so much in common and our core values are exactly the same so when going through life’s ups and downs we see eye to ey so it makes it easier,” says Busby.

The Busbys just returned from a trip to Las Vegas where they saw George Strait in concert. They love to travel but look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day together as a family.

Addison, Brady, Nicole, and Barrett Busby. Photo Credit: Katie Lee Photography

They have two children; Addison (13) and Barrett (10.) They love watching Addison dance and Barrett play baseball.

Many couples have found love in Katy.

Love Found at a Katy Animal Hospital

“I met my husband in Katy Texas in 2018, through mutual friends at Old Town Animal hospital,” says Lisa Lopez. Her husband is a Katy local who played football for the Katy Tigers and even won state.

“He packed up his bags and moved to Australia with me in 2019 and we got married in 2021 on the beautiful beach,” says Lopez. “In December of 2021 we welcomed our baby girl into the world!”

They are returning to Katy this month and look forward to reuniting with family and friends in the city that will forever be part of their story.

Love at Katy Mills

Shanelle Lewis met her husband at Katy Mills Mall 20 years ago.

“Our 19th anniversary is this month,” says Lewis. “We will celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary later this year.”

Did you meet your love in Katy? Share your story in the comments!


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