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"Flood Control for Katy" Event Tomorrow Rallies Homeowners and Community Leaders


July 11, 2018

By Jennifer Skelton

The newly formed, Barker Reservoir Flood Prevention advocacy group, looks to identify and promote immediate and substantial flood control projects in the Barker Reservoir Area, both upstream and downstream.

Marlin Williford and Wendy Duncan formed the new group, who will put on their first event this Thursday, July 12, called "Flood Control for Katy" at Kingsland Baptist Church 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Steve Robinson of Houston Stronger is the presenter for the meeting. Houston Stronger is a coalition of civic groups, business associations and active citizens from throughout the Texas Gulf Coast region dedicated to working with local, state and federal officials to implement a comprehensive regional flood control plan that safeguards our citizens and property.

Future meetings will be added as the Harris County bond election draws closer. The $2.5 billion bond is on the ballot on August 25, 2018.

Co-Founder, Wendy Duncan, said "The purpose of the event on Thursday is to educate the public about flood control solutions for the Katy area and the Harris County Bond Program as well as inform attendees about ways to connect with government leaders to promote flood solutions, and give attendees the opportunity to join the advocacy group."

Duncan who is the current Willow Fork Drainage District Director, has been very active since Hurricane Harvey in flood control discussions prior to forming Barker Reservoir Flood Prevention. Duncan is a member of Houston Stronger advocating for flood control solutions with government officials with Robinson. Marlin is a member of the Harris County Flood Prevention Advocacy Committee and has been actively involved in Harvey and Post Harvey Flood issues and future preventative measures and solutions.

The group has created a Facebook page to interact with the community and keep them informed.



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