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Fort Bend County Animal Shelter Desperately in Need of Fosters and Adoptions


March 14, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Fort Bend County Pet Services reports high numbers of dogs staying at long lengths in their shelter. They desperately need foster families and families looking to adopt.

Photos courtesy of Fort Bend County Animal Shelter

Fort Bend County Shelter Reaches Critical Capacity

Fort Bend County Animal Services currently has over 180 dogs available to be fostered and/or adopted. The focus right now is on the dogs, as the cats are being adopted at a much higher rate.

“The bigger problem is the length of stay that the dogs are here for,” says Barbara Vass, Assistant director and Lifesaving Manager for Fort Bend County Health and Human Services, Animal Services Department. “We are holding dogs for a much longer period of time trying to find a home for them, while new dogs are coming in and also having trouble finding a home.”

Vass also states that their adoption rate is down right, which also contributes to overcrowding. The shelter is seeing a higher number than normal.

“The cause of the higher number is likely from a number of issues from people returning to their full-time, in office jobs and not being home as much and also people may be finding it difficult to keep up with the expenses of their pets with this new and challenging economic climate,” explains Vass.

Petbar Boutique of Katy to Bathe Foster Dogs

Whatever the reason for the higher number, these dogs need to find their way out of the shelter and a local Katy business is stepping up to help.

Petbar Boutique, an upscale dog wash and boutique in Katy has volunteered to bathe the dogs to have them look their best giving them the best chance to finding a foster or forever home.

When my husband and I decided to launch the petbar Boutique Katy about a year ago, one of our goals was to find ways to work with organizations that help animals, leveraging our experience and knowledge about pet hygiene and care,” says Nelly Sammon, co-owner of petbar Boutique in Katy.

Photo courtesy of Petbar Boutique

The couple was quick to offer assistance after seeing a post about the fostering and adoption need at Fort Bend County Animal Services on Katy Magazine’s Facebook page.

“There are so many beautiful, loving dogs in dog shelters that need good homes, and we thought that perhaps we could help those people that provide such an important service in fostering dogs, but offering bathing services at no charge for dogs who are going to enter foster homes.” Says Sammon.

Grooming and basic hygiene such as bathing, cleaning ears, brushing teeth, etc. all helps the pets to have a better quality of life.

“Fostering is so important, because it gives these dogs better opportunities to be adopted in the future, where they can have more normal lives, socialize with more humans and other pets,” explains Sammon.

Petbar Boutique is a small business just getting started in Katy. They want to contribute and make a difference to the welfare of animals in the area and hope that this will be a great first step.

“Whenever we have the support of local business leaders, the community responds giving everyone a sense of all of us doing something together to help save our pets,” says Vass.

Fort Bend Pet Foster Families Can Schedule a Free Bath

Petbar Katy is offering free baths for those pups that are being places in foster homes. They ask for foster parents to call 281-655-3029 for an appointment and to bring their foster paperwork from Fort Bend County Animal Services.

“We appreciate all of our community members who want to help us, because these dogs in our shelter are our community's pets as well,” says Vass.

Learn more about Fort Bend County Animal Services and consider fostering or adopting.

Petbar Boutique Katy is located at 23541 Westheimer Parkway. They offer many services from self-wash, full wash, grooming and more. Learn how they can best pamper your pet and visit their website.


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