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Fort Bend County Judge Encourages Tesla to Move Operations Here


May 11, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Tesla’s Elon Musk continues to threaten to move his company’s factory from California as arguments with state officials go on. A Fort Bend County judge sent a letter inviting the last remaining auto maker in California to set up shop in Katy.

Musk Argues with California To Reopen Factory

Tesla’s factory was forced to close in March after the state issued a six-county order closing businesses to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. Musk is arguing that it is time to reopen his electric vehicle factory.

Fort Bend County Judge Invites Tesla to Katy Area

On Saturday, Fort Bend County Judge KP George sent a letter to Musk, that he made public, inviting him to consider relocating his company headquarters and factory to Fort Bend County.

"I understand you have become frustrated with the climate in your current location as we all fight this collective invisible enemy," wrote Judge George. "However, I think your company would greatly benefit from learning about Fort Bend County as your search for a suitable location continues."

Letter Outlines Reasons Local Area is Ideal Judge George believes Fort Bend would be a suitable location for the Tesla offices and outlines his reasoning in the letter. This move would bring a large number of jobs to the area.

Read Letter:

Houston Fire Chief, Samuel Pena took to Twitter to support the move.

Musk Files Lawsuit

Musk filed a lawsuit today against Alameda County, the county where his Freemont factory is based. In the suit, he claims that the county is ignoring the Governor’s order that permits businesses in "16 crucial infrastructure industries,” including transportation, to continue work.

Musk continues to threaten to move his company to Texas or Nevada over the shutdown.

Ties To Houston

Musk already has strong Houston ties. He is CEO of SpaceX. The company is scheduled to launch its first NASA crew into space later this month.

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