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From the Publishers: We're Now Fully Digital!

Katrina and Matt Katsarelis, Publishers

Congratulations! You found Katy Magazine's Digital Issue! This is our first all-digital issue packed with the same great content you're used to and now it's accessible in your phones and devices.

Your favorite Katy Magazine stories and departments are all still here. But now they're even better because they can be shared and commented on, and they link to great local resources and places in Katy! Click and read Katy Magazine in the school pick up line, at your kids' practices, or wherever you're waiting.

Change is Good.

Since we first started Katy Magazine out of our home in Kelliwood Gardens in Katy in 2003, a lot has changed in our industry. Print readership has been on a steep decline while digital readership continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. A recent study shows that of all media advertising options, print has dropped to an all time low of 3% while digital has grown to 40%.

We have studied Katy Magazine readership trends over the years and have watched more engagement on social media and in digital stories than in our printed magazine. Many advertisers noticed too and many requested digital only advertising. Instead of becoming a print dinosaur, we've decided to follow the lead of many highly successful digital only magazines in large markets across the country. In between our monthly digital issues, we will also be sharing ongoing Katy news, events, and updates as they happen. We are very excited to make this switch after almost 15 years! (And the trees are happy too!)

Thank you for your ongoing support!

How can you continue to support Katy's hometown magazine? Read, share, comment, and spread the word by tagging people and companies mentioned in the stories. Follow Katy Magazine's Facebook page where we'll be sharing a lot of up-to-the-minute Katy info.

Most importantly, please continue to patronize our advertisers! They are the only reason we've been able to produce great Katy-specific content for almost 15 years now.

Thank you for being our loyal readers for almost 15 years now! We love and appreciate you!

Keep clicking Katy, Texas!

Katrina and Matt Katsarelis

Katy Magazine Publishers



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