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How I Made the Cheer Team: Tips from Cheerleaders


Compiled by Katy Magazine Editors

Have you ever wondered what it truly takes to make it on the highly competitive high school and junior high cheer teams? Katy Magazine went right to the source and asked some actual cheerleaders and cheer moms. Here are their actual insider secrets on how they made the squad!

"Never give up, don’t listen to negativity

or doubts; stay confident!"

"Cheer is very competitive in Katy, I would suggest starting when you're in elementary school in KYF, and taking tumbling classes at cheer gyms. Being on a

competitive cheer team will also help."

Gracie Shear, Taylor High School

"Take a deep breath once you walk through the try-out doors. Be yourself, and have fun with it!

Nicole Bourgeois, Cinco Ranch High School

"Believe in yourself. Having the skills is

only half the part the rest is having faith in yourself.


Lauren Prince, Ava Hardesty, Emma Pham, Kendelle Vanderwalt, Ashley Groff, Cambree Boyd from Seven Lakes Junior High

Focus on technique, be peppy, and

never stop smiling!

"Outperform and outshine the competition.

Find a way to stand out in a good way."

"Being confident and LOUD are the

most important things."

"It's a lot of hard work but it's rewarding.

Start preparing early."

"If you don't make it the first time, keep trying.

Don't ever quit."

"Start taking tumbling and dance super early.

It will pay off big time at tryouts!"


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