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Illegal Katy Boarding House Shut Down, 13 Residents Taken to Hospital


June 25, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy boarding house was shut down yesterday after its 13 residents were found to be living in ‘deplorable’ conditions.

Photo courtesy: Constable Ted Heap's Office

Home Located in Nottingham Neighborhood

An unlicensed Katy group home that was operating as a boarding house was shut down yesterday, June 24, when its 13 residents were found to be living in unfit conditions.

Residents Found in 'Deplorable' Conditions

The home was located at the 500 block of Walworten Ct. in Nottingham not far from South Fry Road.

Deputies from Constable Ted Heap’s Office assisted the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and other local agencies in the incident. According to Heap’s Office, all 13 residents were helped out of the home and taken to a local hospital for medical evaluations.

Precinct 5’s Victims Assistance Unit provided personal hygiene kits for each of the residents.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office and Harris County Fire Marshal are handling the investigation and a temporary restraining order for the home's operators.

Harris County Sheriff's Office has a special Boarding House Detail Unit that inspects boarding houses and suspected group homes. According to authorities that is how this house in Katy was discovered.

It is illegal to operate a boarding house in Katy without a proper permit.

This is an ongoing investigation.



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