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Jimbo Fisher Visits Katy Tigers: What Was Said, Who He Visited, and More!

The Katy Tigers gave us the details on what Katy coaches talked about with Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M's new head coach on Tuesday afternoon.


December 6, 2017

By Ashley Lancaster

Aggies in Tiger Land

According to Jon Joseph, new head coach of the Texas A&M Aggies, Jimbo Fisher (formerly Florida State University), stopped by the Tigers' field house with two staff members at 2:30 p.m.

"They came to say hello to see committed player Seth Small and were able to meet and watch Deondrick Glass," says Joseph. Glass, now a junior, was offered by Florida State during his freshman year.

Giving Kudos to the Katy Program While there, the Aggies staff also met all the Katy coaches, but Coach Fisher has visited Katy High in the past. "He says not much has changed, and he commented on how well the Katy program is run and how successful it is, and the plan is to get the Aggies to the championship every year like Katy," says Joseph.

Talking X's and O's

There was a brief meeting between Gary and Jimbo, and a 30-minute conversation with coaches Fisher (A&M), Banks, Price, and Joseph (KHS)," he says. The Tigers say Fisher was incredibly nice and the visit went well. After the meetings, they all went out and watched the Tigers practice for their upcoming playoff matchup against the North Shore Mustangs this Saturday at 2 p.m. at NRG.

Fisher and staff ended the day meeting teachers, people, and coaches at KHS, "He told the coaching staff to come up to A&M to visit, watch practice and talk X's and O's whenever they want."


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