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Katy Area Baker Who Found Inspiration in Baking for her Son’s School Stars on Food Network Show


December 18, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark


Katy area baker, Aydee Deaton recently competed on the Food Network’s “Christmas Cookie Challenge.” The local mom and business owner finds inspiration and creativity through her baking and it all started by making homemade treats for her son's school and therapists.

Local baker Aydee Deaton stared on a recent Food Network show. Photo credit: Food Network 

I’ve always loved to bake, entertain, and gift homemade goodies,” says local baker Aydee Deaton. “I took a cookie decorating class with my niece in 2018 and I was hooked.”


The Deatons have an 14-year-old, Nathan who has cerebral palsy. Aydee began really practicing her baking as she would make homemade treats to gift to Nathan’s therapists to thank them for all that they do for him.


“After I shared some Cinco de Mayo cookies I made for my family on social media.  A quick conversation with my husband (really negotiating that he would be the official Sugarberry dishwasher) and 3 days later on May 8, 2020 we announced the Sugarberry Cookie Shoppe,” recalls Deaton.


Sugarberry Cookie Shoppe is now a popular bakery in Fulshear that services Katy, Richmond and beyond.


Deaton proudly shares her creations on Instagram and that is how she earned the attention of the Food Network.


“I got a message from a casting manager saying that she had come across my Instagram and loved my vibe and designs,” says Deaton. “ She asked if I would be interested in talking to a producer for a food network show.  I completely thought it was a scam.”


Fortunately, she replied and then on November 30, 2023 she was featured on the “Christmas Cookie Challenge” episode. Four bakers competed for a $10,000 prize and the oh-so-stellar Golden Ornament. The theme of her episode was “Out-of-This-World Christmas.”


Deaton didn’t win but will forever be grateful for the experience.


“Being on the show wasn’t even on my radar,” she says. “It seemed like something was too huge that happened to other people but never me!”


Deaton’s favorite recipe that she makes is Sugarberry Cookie Shoppe’s signature almond sugar cookie, though she admits picking one favorite is hard!

Other cookies she loves are the gourmet s’mores cookie because it’s yummy and so big and the chocolate brownie cookie because it’s a chocolate lover’s dream.


The baking community is filled with so many amazing, talented, and business savvy people,” says Deaton.


She highly recommends any aspiring Katy area bakers to find a mentor.


“Chat with other professional bakers,” she says. “My biggest resource for growth has been other bakers or restaurant owners.”


This part has been easy for Deaton because she admits that she makes friends everywhere she goes and loves to chat with people and learn about their experiences.


“Be realistic about how much time you’re going to be willing to invest and you have to have a support squad,” she stresses to anyone interested in this business.


Deaton recently held a Taylor Swift cookie baking class. Photo credit: Aydee Deaton

Aydee and Steven, who is a Marine and Veteran, have been married for 18 years and are loving their experience of owning the Sugarberry Cookie Shoppe.


A cooking class is what really took Aydee’s love for baking to an entirely new level so of course Sugarberry Cookie Shoppe offers classes. She says to stay tuned in the New Year for great classes coming up. Learn more online.


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