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Katy-Area Shelters Reach Critical Capacity; Need Fosters, Adoptions, and Donations


August 6, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy-area animal shelters are reporting record capacities and seek fosters, adoptions, and donations.

Pictured left to right: Stegosaurus at Katy Animal Control. Whiskey at CAP

Local Animal Shelters Over Capacity

Many local shelters such as Citizens for Animal Control (CAP,) Fort Bend County Animal Shelter, and Katy Animal Control all report to be over capacity with both dogs and cats.

“CAP is currently functioning at full capacity,” Bianca Burrascano, Marketing Director for CAP. “We have limited space to accept puppies and small dogs, and generally our kennels for cats and large dogs are at capacity. Most days we have lines outside our incoming rooms of people wanting to surrender pets.”

CAP currently has over 200 animals with 60+ more in foster care and many under medical treatment.

According to Barbara Vass, Assistant Director and Lifesaving Programs Manager for Fort Bend County, Fort Bend County Animal Shelter can comfortably hold 130-140 dogs and 40 cats. Currently they have over 200 dogs and 60 cats.

“Our intake is higher this year, but the bigger issue for most shelters and rescues is that the pets are just not being adopted and fostered at the rate that they had been before,” says Vass.

Shelters report that they are keeping animals longer than normal in addition to taking in newly surrendered pets.

“We all need people to come in and adopt or foster whether it's for a shelter or a rescue,” says Vass.

“Unfortunately, shelters being incredibly full is no longer a time of the year thing- this is the new normal, for everyone,” says Courtney Adams, a volunteer for Katy Animal Control. “Everyone is full, all foster homes are full. We really need some people in Katy to join us in stepping up for the shelter pups.”

Everyone Can Help

Adams understands that not everyone can commit to foster or take on a pet, but says that everyone can help even if it’s just spreading awareness through a Facebook post.

“Right now there are still no public adoptions direct through the shelter (Katy Animal Control) yet but, anyone can go meet any of the pets and even bring their pet for a meet and greet,” says Adams. “The shelter has several rescues that have volunteered to process adoptions or foster applications and still do an adoption/foster that way.”

CAP is hosting “Clear the Shelters” all this month. Through August 31, 2022 all adoption fees are reduced to 50% off. The fee is waived on adoptions on Saturday, August 27, 2022. Adoptions fees are being sponsored by West Houston Subaru.

Anyone can support their adoption initiative and learn how you can help online.

“We welcome visitors to the shelter on a walk-in basis to view the pets we have for adoption,” says Burrascano. “To adopt a pet, you must fill out an adoption application and meet with an adoption counselor to go over the pet's needs, their past medical history, and to ensure they will be taken care of properly after leaving the shelter.”

Fostering, Adopting Process is Easy

Like other local shelters, CAP needs fosters as well.

“Our process is fairly simple and we try to make it as barrier-free as possible,” says Vass at Fort Bend County Animal Shelter. “You will come in and tour the kennel and speak with one of our team about what you are looking for and they will try and find a match for you. We tend to go more conversation-based adoptions so that we can really understand the adopter/foster's situation and offer up which option would be best.”

They offer several fostering opportunities and straight adoptions. The application is a few questions and in most cases, families can leave the same day with a pet.

Some people can’t take on a pet and that is ok. There are many ways to help local shelters that really need it right now.

Local Shelters Need Donations and Supplies

“If anyone wanted to help the shelter, but couldn’t take in a pet, you can donate to Old Towne Animal Hospital under Katy Animal Control Account, donate directly to the shelter, coming in meet any of the dogs in the shelter, or by sharing any posts you see about them- you never know who is looking,” says Adams.

Fort Bend County Animal Shelter also takes donations of items needed. Right now they really need:

  • Dawn blue dishwashing liquid

  • Dry puppy food

  • Any laundry detergent

  • Monetary donations can be made online.

“You can organize a donation drive to collect necessary supplies, donate used clothing and textiles to our Feral Cat Assistance Program (FCAP) clothing drive, make dog toys or cat condos out of recycled materials, volunteer your time to walk dogs and care for cats at the shelter, or attend events like our upcoming Celebrity Paws Gala,” says Burrascano.

CAP relies on financial donations and doesn’t receive funding from municipalities.

Katy is full of so many wonderful pets that need great homes. Recently Katy Magazine shared a post on Stegosaurus, a fun-loving dog that has been at Katy Animal Control since May 16, 2022.

CAP has so many great pets including Whiskey, a 3-year-old Australian Shepherd who was surrendered when his family moved out of the country.

Katy-area shelters need support and so many animals need love.


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