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Katy Cat Lounge Helps Cats Find Sanctuary and Homes While Educating the Community


April 12, 2024

By Natalie Cook Clark


Katy is home to a new, one-of-a-kind cat lounge. Cat lovers and aspiring cat people can spend quality time with cats all available for adoptions. This is an opportunity to get to know these cats, but to also enjoy educational opportunities.

All pictures credited to Nicolette Electra

  A Haven for Cats

Katy’s 9 Whiskers Lounge, located at 510 S. Mason Road opened in January and has already helped several of their cats find their forever homes. This unique lounge serves as a haven for cats, collaborating with local animal shelters to facilitate the socialization and readiness for adoption of rescued felines.


Beyond their goal to ready cats for adoption and to help them find forever homes, they serve as a community hub for cat education and a cat petting zoo. At 9 Whiskers Lounge, guests can learn insights into fundamental and unique cat breeds, care practices, interaction techniques, and advocacy for feline well-being.  

Veteran Owned 

9 Whiskers was founded by Thomas Lee and his siblings. Growing up, Lee found comfort in being with cats. They helped him through hard times and his connection with them deepened through in 19 years of military service. Lee continues to serve our country in the Arm National Guard. According to Lee, cats are not just pets but a source of healing and companionship.


“Seeing the countless calls for help for homeless cats on social media, my family and I felt a strong pull to do something meaningful,” explains Thomas Lee. “That's how 9 Whiskers Lounge came into being. It's more than just a sanctuary; it's a place where laughter and purrs fill the air, where people can unwind and cats can playfully roam, waiting to find their forever homes.”


Addressing Overcrowding Animal Shelters

Their mission is centered on addressing the pressing issue of overcrowded animal shelters in Texas.


“With over 2,000 animal shelters and welfare organizations across the state, it's heartening to see so many entities dedicated to animal welfare, yet it's also a stark reminder of the ongoing need for such facilities,” says Lee.


9 Whiskers aim is to complement these efforts by enhancing adoption rates, providing thorough preparation for cats awaiting adoption, and allowing ample time for prospective adopters to bond with the cats.


“We're passionate about fostering a stronger sense of community in Katy. By cultivating a shared love and interest in cats, we hope to encourage new friendships and deepen the community's affection for our city,” says Lee. “Through our efforts, we aim not only to improve the lives of countless cats but also to weave tighter communal bonds, creating a more connected and compassionate Katy.”


How Does it Work?

9 Whiskers Lounge offers a unique experience for cat enthusiasts. While walk-ins are welcome (as space allows,) they strongly recommend reserving your time in advance online. For a $15 entry fee, guests ate guaranteed an hour to relax and play with 15-20 kittens and cats. The lounge has some residential cats that play a crucial role in helping the others to socialize, teaching them to interact with people and become adaptable.


At any given time, at least 6 cats are up for adoption. As a way to help educate the community, 9 Whiskers houses four rare breed cats as mascot cats. They serve as ambassadors for understanding and appreciating the many different kinds of cat breeds.


And their mission is working as once timid cats have learned to open up to human companionship, so much that many have found their forever homes.


“It's been incredible to see our shy newcomers, initially hesitant and hidden away, gradually warm up to human companionship, reveal their charming quirks, and eventually find their forever homes,” says Lee.


Learn more about the 9 Whiskers Lounge and book your visit online.


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