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Katy Churches Adjust Worship Styles During National Health Crisis


March 14, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy residents continue to adjust to mass closures of schools, businesses, and events as the nation works diligently to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This weekend, worshipers will notice changes implemented at their churches to promote social distancing.

Many churches are modifying worship schedules or moving to online streaming to give their members the opportunity to worship while limiting community crowds and contact that could risk spreading the coronavirus or any other seasonal cold.

Local Churches Meet, Pray How Best To Serve

As we prayerfully navigate how to be a faithful people in the midst of the anxiety surrounding Covid-19 Coronavirus, I want to share the measures our church is taking as we continue to connect the world with God's love,” shares Minister Dr. Pat Sparks with St. Peter’s United Methodist Church.

The church is canceling in-person worship but will stream Sunday’s worship live on their website and through Facebook Live at 10 a.m.

“We have made this decision to keep our community healthy in consultation with the Texas Medical Center, the Bishop's office, and other church leaders around Houston (almost all of which are taking similar action),” says Sparks.

Many Churches Move to Online Praise

Local churches are adopting a varying degree of measures during this time. Many are following St. Peter’s protocol and moving to online formats.

Pastors Paul and Curtiss with Crosspoint Church took to social media to cancel in-person worship but give information on online worship opportunities. They will livestream from their site at 9:30 a.m.

“Our Crosspoint Kids team will share some resources for kids and families to use at home,” they offered, so parents can continue to share worship with their children.

Some churches are ensuring members that they are taking extra precautions but attending in-person services is their decision. Anyone is excused from worship if they are concerned or considered high risk.

Some Advise Members to Do What's Best For Them

“At this time when the faithful need to maintain some degree of normalcy in spirit and in hope, we will continue to maintain the regular mass schedule,” writes Reverend Tom Lam with Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Community to his parishioners. Lam informs those he leads that anyone who is uncomfortable or considered high risk is excused from mass during this time. He ensures that added safety measures are in place to minimize risks.

Second Baptist has been in communication with officials including having discussions with Houston’s Mayor Turner.

“Based upon all of these discussions, at this point we have decided to go forward with Worship and Bible Study at each campus,” Second Baptist shares with their followers. “In the abundance of caution, we are providing alternative means of Worship for those who are in the high-risk group as defined by the CDC and World Health Organization or for any who feel it is in their best interest to join us for Worship online.”

School Closures Impact Some Churches

Many churches have additional campus locations that meet at local schools. As Katy ISD and surrounding districts are closed, those churches meeting in schools will not be able to meet. This includes churches like Kingsland Baptist, their west campus meets at Stockdick Junior High and St. Peter’s United Methodist Church which has a second campus at Cinco Ranch High School.

Some churches with second campus will move to meet at the primary campus. Kingsland Baptist is combining services at their main Kingsland Blvd. location.

Katy residents should follow their local church group’s website and social media to stay informed on any changes.

Despite mass closures, there are always opportunities for Katy residents to worship on Sundays and through out the week.

How is your church making changes in light of this national health crisis? Let us know in the comments below.


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