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Katy Dog Dragged from Yard, Killed by Pack of Coyotes Near Firethorne


September 7, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy family is mourning the loss of their French Bulldog, Bentley who was dragged away from their yard and killed over the weekend by a pack of coyotes. Another local resident caught a coyote on camera demonstrating how easy it is for them to enter yards.

Bentley Conaway. Photos courtesy of Debbie Conaway.

Katy Dog Killed by Coyotes

A coyote dragged a dog away from its Katy yard over the weekend. The family found their beloved pet dead and surrounded by a pack of coyote.

Debbie Conaway and her family live on two and half acres between Firethorne and Tamarron. They have lived here for 7 years and have three dogs; a Golden Retriever, Chocolate Lab and Bentley, a French Bulldog.

“I know we have coyotes,” says Debbie Conaway. “They are out in the evening, so we’ve always known to be cautious during that time.”

On Sunday morning around 10:15 a.m., Conaway let her dogs out in the front yard to play like she frequently does. Not fifteen minutes later she heard a lot of barking and knew something was wrong.

“I went outside and didn’t see Bentley, but I saw one of the big coyotes walking around,” explains Conaway. “I put a post on Facebook asking people to look for her while my husband and son went out looking.”

It wasn’t long before the Conaways found Bentley, their 4-year-old French Bulldog. A pack of 6 large coyotes had her. They were in a dirt pit where dump trucks dump and replenish dirt for nearby construction.

The Conaways recovered Bentley’s body but she had passed away.

The pit is near the Conaways’ home and they suspect this pack of coyotes live there.

Katy is home to a lot of natural wildlife, like coyotes. Construction, like that near the Conaways’ home disrupts the coyotes and makes it more likely for disastrous encounters such as what Bentley experienced.

“They don’t have anywhere to go. They don’t have a home,” says Conaway. “I think they are living in that dirt pit trying to make the most of things.”

Coyote Filmed in Pecan Grove Plantation

Over the weekend, Katy resident Elise Renee caught a coyote on her home security camera. She was out of town at the time and her dog, a Goldendoodle also named Bentley, was with a dog sitter.

The video shows how easy it is for coyotes to get over fences. This coyote was also out during the day.

Video courtesy of Elise Renee.

“I’m really nervous now as my yard is my sanctuary,” says Elise Renee, owner of Epic Events and Rentals. “I’m now more cautious and alert when I go outside. It’s very unsettling.”

Renee has lived in Pecan Grove Plantation of a year now and had no idea that coyotes were around until she saw her video.

“I typically would keep my dog outside but now I won’t let him out by himself,” says Renee.

This is not the first time coyotes have killed Katy pets.

Katy is home to much wildlife like coyotes, bobcats, alligators, hogs, snakes and much more.

“Seeing native wildlife such as coyotes and bobcats should be handled the same way as when one sees alligators in the summer,” says Fort Bend County Constable Chad Norvell. “Leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone.”

Norvell urges residents to call them (281-341-4665) if a coyote, like any other wild animal is wandering in a neighborhood and residents are alarmed.

How to Deter Coyotes from Your Home

  • Do not keep pet food outside.

  • Clean your grill after use.

  • Clear away potential hiding places.

  • Cover trash and recycling cans.

  • If composting, do not add meat or bones.

  • Keep small pets indoors.

Texas Parks and Wildlife

According to the Harris County Constable Office, Precinct 5, residents can call the Texas Parks and Wildlife office at 512-389-4800, and visit them on their website.

“Keep your babies close,” says Conaway. “Coyotes are out during the day too.”


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