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Katy Families Adopt, Foster Pets to Help Overwhelming Need


March 25, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Social-distancing during these uncertain times is putting a strain on many businesses and this includes animal rescues and shelters. Many Katy families are using this time at home to adopt or foster a dog.

The Davaul family adopted Patchy through Operation Pets Alive.

Being stuck at home is allowing many families time to tackle projects they normally don’t have time for. For many Katy families, the extra time is ideal for fostering or adopting a new pet.

Perfect Time for a Puppy

The Davaul family lost their 16-year-old dog last summer.

“We have wanted a puppy but having three active boys we decided to wait until the summer so we’d have the time to dedicate to a puppy,” says Bekah Davaul. “We decided now was the time since we are all at home.”

The Davauls went through Operation Pets Alive, a non-profit local shelter. Bekah’s brother has used them before so she knew they had a good reputation.

“It was definitely different going through the adoption process while being self-quarantined,” says Bekah.

Adoption with Coronavirus Precautions

The Davauls contacted the shelter and set up a meeting to go meet a 2-month-old puppy being fostered at a Katy home.

“We went to the house and met the foster family out on their driveway,” explains Bekah. “We used a lot of hand sanitizer but got to meet Patchy. Immediately it was clear that Patchy was a fit for our family.”

Local Families Fostering Pets

Katy families are also fostering dogs to help local shelters during this time. Fort Bend County Deputy Joh Vaughn with precinct 3 has been fostering dogs for the last five years.

“I’m a huge dog lover and so is my fiancé,” says Vaughn. “We don’t have kids and we don’t plan to for a while so these dogs become our children.”

They have a 2-year-old shepherd mix that they fostered at 6 weeks old and eventually adopted. When they heard of an available Belgian Shepherd mix, they new they wanted to foster again. Jennifer, or Jenny as she is called, is about 6-months old.

“She is an energetic loveball that fits our active lifestyle.

“Every time we foster we know that we have gotten a dog out of a shelter and into a happy home even just for a little bit,” says Vaughn. “We use social media to help those dogs we foster get seen.”

Yesterday, Deputy Vaughn and Jenny met with a family who instantly loved her. They are contacting the shelter to begin the adoption process.

Shelters Making it Work In These Uncertain Times

Caroline Walker-Trulock is the volunteer coordinator for Almost Home Pet Rescue in Katy.

“We have suspended public adoption events and have moved to online applications,” says Trulock. “We still continue to do checks but many people are just not thinking about bringing a new dog into their home right now. Sadly, families are concerned about the change in their daily routines and having to work from home. “

Bring Joy Into the House

“For us, this was a great time to dedicate to raising a puppy,” says Davaul. “Why not bring some joy into the home during this uncertain time?”

Patchy, 2 months, is adjusting well to his new family.

“This is a big adjustment for families, but this is also a time to help shelter/rescue dogs and that are looking for forever homes,” says Trulock. “Dogs can alleviate stress and give children a sense of comfort and purpose.”

According to Trulock, a lot of local shelters help provide collars, crates, and other items that families need to start out caring for a puppy.

Katy is home to several wonderful shelters and recues. While their doors may be closed to regular visits, they are all still operating and can assist with families looking for a dog or cat during this time.

“We are not being able to hold adoption events but we can still do meet and greets,” says Tania Marin with Mutts & Meows Rescue. “In the Facebook page you will find a link to all our adoptable pets. Also, inside Petsmart we have a cat area where you can see the cats.”

“We loved our adoption process with CAPS,” says Adrienne Davitz, the administrator for the Katy Mom’s Facebook group.

“Finding a good fit is the best way to do it and a lot of shelters and rescues are happy to listen and help families find that fit,” says Davaul.

Has your family taken in a new pet during this coronavirus pandemic? Share your story with us! Email

To foster or adopt a pet, please reach out to some of the resource links mentioned in this story.


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