Katy Family Celebrates 20 Years of Halloween Story Telling


October 19, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy family is celebrating 20 years of skeleton story telling that has become legend in the local community. Their love for Halloween and current events continues to inspire storytelling and spooky fun for all.

This year's skeletons are Born to Rock! Photo credit: Carmen Revolorio.

20 Years of Spooky Fun

20 years ago, the Revolorio family moved to their Katy home at Kingsland Boulevard and Houghton across from Nottingham Elementary and quickly became a Katy legend.

This year they celebrate 20 years of decorating for Halloween and giving the Katy community something fun to follow and talk about.

“Every year we try to do something different and we take ideas from our own lives,” says Carmen Revolorio. “This year's theme was inspired by the lack of concerts in 2020!”

20 years ago, the Revolorio yard started as a cemetery. Over the years they have evolved to use skeletons to tell a story that relates to the lives of the family, and in many cases the community as well.

The Revolorios yard started out as a spooky cemetery 20 years ago. Photo credit: Carmen Revolorio.


This year their theme is a rock concert where their band of skeletons has fun in a rock concert setting after so many concerts were canceled last year during the pandemic.

“My favorite would be this year’s and last year’s, which was the skeleton marathon race,” says Revolorio.