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Katy Family Offers Reward for Missing Dog Last Seen Taken by a FedEx Driver


December 8, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

A 12-year-old male white Pomeranian got out of his yard and was seen on a neighbor’s camera being picked up by a FedEx package handler. The Katy family is thankful for the individual getting him off the street, but they want him back. A reward is being offered.

Parsa, a white Pomeranian is missing. Photo credit: Marmar Amini

Missing Over Two Months

Parsa, a white male Pomeranian, got out of his house at Tilstock and Kelliwood Oaks Drive on September 26, 2022. Moments later he was seen at a neighbor’s house off South Fry Road when a Fedex package handler went to the door and pointed out the dog in the yard. The neighbor informed the woman which house the dog belonged to.

Instead of returning Parsa, the woman is seen on the neighbor’s security camera leaving with the family’s beloved 12-year-old dog.

FedEx driver with Parsa.

“I’m thankful she picked him up so he didn’t get run over, but we want him back,” says Katy mom of three, Marmar Amini.

FedEx Confirmed Uniform; Couldn't ID Handler

Amini went to the FedEx office off of 99 and confirmed that the woman in the picture was indeed wearing a package handler uniform with their company. She left a picture and after a week was told that they couldn’t identify the woman.

Parsa is microchipped and so far, his chip hasn’t been scanned. The 14-pound dog wears a male diaper due to a medical condition and takes medication. His family is concerned for his health.

“Since he was wearing a diaper and is very active, I think she thinks that he is a puppy. He is not,” says Amini.

The Amini family did file a police report with Harris County Constable Precinct 5. They were told that since Parsa wasn’t taken from their property that this isn’t considered a crime. It is being considered loss property.

“I’ve been posting about him everywhere and we so badly miss him and want him home for Christmas,” says Amini.

The Amini family has three children (2 and a half, 7, and 8 years old) who desperately miss their dog.

Contact Parsa's owners at: 832-701-5002 or 832-701-7402.

“We are offering a reward for his safe return. We will not ask any questions,” says Amini. “We just want our baby home.”


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