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Katy Festival Wins No. 1 for Third Consecutive Year


August 7, 2018 Press Release:

Katy's Wild West Brew Fest was voted the number one beer festival in North America for the third straight year.

The Wild West Brewfest is home to many things however the WWBF has made their mark on this town and will continue to provide a lasting impression to many who attend.

The festival was held on the 4th and 5th of May and with a whopping 124 different brewers featuring over 523 various beers, we must say compared to other festivals, this one has something for everyone. The WWBF indeed takes you on a “beer tour around the country” said David Loesch, the chairman of the event. This is one of the few festivals that we have attended that has this type of variety. One of the new features of the WWBF we liked in 2018 was the different “beer zones” set up throughout the event. The WWBF boasted areas such as the High Octane Zone with all the beers over 7.5% ABV, Texas Craft Brew Zone, The Old Chicago Flight zone featuring your own flights of light to dark and the No Label Beer Garden - Katy’s local brewer. Of course, there were many other zones within the event too many to mention.

The City of Katy is a huge supporter of this event, “One of our goals is to showcase the city of Katy while encouraging people to stay the night and see what our town has to offer. With over 19 states represented and 3 foreign countries in attendance, the event itself was great for bringing tourism into the city of Katy TX,” Loesch said. We discovered this festival 5 years ago, as we continue to travel around the USA exploring other events, we always come back to the WWBF for several reasons. However, one crucial reason continues to ring true. “The WWBF organizers are 100% volunteers. They give up their time and in many cases also sponsor the event as it is their way of giving back to the community” said Loesch. The event is hosted by the Rotary Club of Katy, and to date has given back over $700,000 to those less fortunate over the past 7 years. “This is a passion of many and a labor of love, the friends that I have made along the way are priceless, and the people who run this event all have one thing in common, they put service above self - that is the Rotary motto,” David said. As the brewing industry continues to expand, we felt this was a great advert for how kind people in this industry can be, as we are finding that many beer festivals support or completely fundraise for good causes and it’s great to hear how beer is being used in such a positive way.


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