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Katy Girl Showcases Advantage of Autism Through Fashion Design


January 6, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

A six-year-old aspiring fashion designer from Katy earns praise while turning the spotlight on an important topic. Set to launch a brand-new design at this year’s New York Fashion Week, the young girl plans to bring awareness to others with autism.

Photographer: Katie’s Photography, Makeup Artist: Teresa Thuy Nguyen, Brand: REMMI GRACE COUTURE

Katy’s Remmi Grace is the face and designer behind Belle on the Spectrum. The fashion design company brings her creations to life while showing the world the genius that those on the spectrum can exhibit.

“She began to show signs of hyper-focusing on anything regarding art and fashion around the age of three,” says Angeline Auzenne, Remmi’s grandmother. “We enrolled her in fashion, modeling, and art classes when she was four.”

Using Her Unique Talents

Remmi is autistic, and her family encouraged her to use her talents to also become an activist and an example of the capabilities of what those on the spectrum can do.

“She has the ability to see a fashion project to completion,” Auzenne explains.

Those with autism, and on the spectrum, view the world differently and notice details with more intensity. Many are able to hyper-focus on a project like Remmi can with fashion.

Remmi hopes that through her example she can break down the stigma that remains associated with autism and show how her unique way of viewing the world can be an advantage.

“I assisted Remmi Grace in founding her charity,” says Auzenne. “She and I are BFF fashionistas!”

Auzenne sews Remmi’s designs while training her. Remmi does all color and texture matching and cuts the garments by pattern.

Photographer: Katie’s Photography, Makeup Artist: Teresa Thuy Nguyen, Brand: REMMI GRACE COUTURE

Gives Opportunities and Awareness

Remmi models her designs and gives other children with autism the opportunity to model her work as well. She’s participated in Coastal Fashion Week in Dallas and Houston’s Elegance On The Runway.

The Rylander kindergartener is already a multi-published fashion model and is set to debut her next Remmi Grace Couture line in September at New York Fashion Week.

Through her fashion, Remmi hopes to show others not to hide their diagnosis, but rather, use the unique traits that come with autism to achieve great things.

Follow Remmi Grace on Instagram @RemmiWorld4 @RemmiGraceCouture and @BelleOnTheSpectrum.


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