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Katy Grocery Stores Expand Pick Up and Delivery Options


July 9, 2018

Natalie Cook Clark

Katy grocery stores continue to find ways to cater to our busy lives through the convenience of curbside pick-up and delivery. The days of fighting the crowds at grocery stores or being tempted to shop "off-list" are gone replaced with a new way of shopping. "It keeps me on budget," says Maegen Benedetti Lane of this new way of shopping.

Here's a breakdown of some top Katy grocery stores offering a new way of grocery shopping.


Kroger offers same day pick-up with their Clicklist online option, same-day delivery through Instacart with no charge for first-time orders. With Kroger you can use coupons and they offer substitutions that are priced lower than name brand goods. They also give you the lower price for what they substitute and if it's higher they will give it to you free.

Kroger's online system also does a great job of saving and suggesting past orders so reordering is always easy. Visit Kroger online.

Some local Katy Kroger locations:


22150 Westheimer Pkwy.


1550 West Grand Pkwy. S.


22150 Westheimer Pkwy.

Kroger Marketplace

1712 Spring Green Blvd.


2700 W Grand Pkwy. N.



H.E.B. also offers same day, curbside pick-up and name-brand substitutions. Be careful though, at times the substituted items may leave you with a higher bill than you expected. Email alerts are sent to customers when substitutions are made, when your order is ready, and for purchase receipts. For a limited time, you can get free delivery or pick-up on your first four orders.

They do take coupons and are good about letting you you know when they have some so you can clip. Visit H.E.B. online.

Some local Katy H.E.B. locations:


25675 Nelson Way


1621 S Mason Rd.


6711 S Fry Rd.


4950 FM 1463



Walmart offers free pick-up daily and have great deals every week, so always be sure to check what's happening. They are currently offering $10 off your first 3 orders for deliveries. They are also more than a grocery store so you can accomplish more shopping. They have an impressive savings catcher that keeps track with how much you've saved and that's fun to see. Visit Walmart online.

Some local Katy Walmart locations:


25108 Market Pl Dr.


1313 N Fry Rd.


6060 N Fry Rd.


22850 Morton Ranch Rd.



Randalls offers both pick-up and delivery. They are currently offering $20 off your first online order. Visit Randalls online.

People can also use apps to grocery shop like the popular Instacart and Shipt.



Are the meat and produce items of good, safe quality?

A common hesitation to pick-up or delivery is the concern over produce. Will it be fresh? Will it look okay? How big will it be? All pick-up/delivery options offer the chance to return and swap out. However, most readers we asked say they've never had an issue.

Does it cost more?

Does pick-up and delivery cost more? Yes it does. You do pay a delivery fee unless you are taking advantage of a free delivery special. Both H.E.B. and Kroger add around $11.95 to the total cost for delivery. The best way to know if it's worth it is to determine how much extra money you spend in-store on non-essentials on a regular basis.


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