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Katy Homeless Find Solutions in Hope Impacts


September 16, 2018

Natalie Cook Clark

Hope Impacts is a Katy non-profit that helps the chronically and situationally homeless. Founded by a Katy resident with personal experience in the hardships of situational homelessness, Hope Impacts has helped over 95 people get off the streets and into better circumstances in the last 4 years.

Rob Willette, Tina Hatcher and Mark Wiley of Hope Impacts.

Katy doesn't have any shelters, affordable housing, sober living homes or crisis shelters for families. "When a client comes in or calls us on the phone we give them resources to call and connect with regarding their unique situation," says Tina Hatcher, Founder and Executive Director of Hope Impacts. "Whether they need a shelter, rehab services, mental health services, counseling , etc. We provide them with what they need to research and have information on how to change their situation when they are able."

Volunteers Became Clients After Harvey

After Hurricane Harvey Katy's homeless number tripled and in many cases people who frequently volunteered with Hope Impacts became clients. "We helped everyone that we could from a pastor we had partnered with in the community and had his house flooded to helping a single mom with six children get into a rental home and furnish it with everything that she needed," explains Hatcher. "Thanks to the generosity of this community we have helped over 30 families with donations to rebuild their homes after this tragic event in the last 2 years. This includes families recovering after the tax day floods as well as Hurricane Harvey survivors."

Hope Impacts works closely with several Houston area agencies including the Harris County Sheriff Department Homeless Outreach Team, The Houston Police Homeless Outreach Team, The Houston Coalition for the Homeless (Harris and Fort Bend,) Star of Hope, Manna House, Open Door Mission, and many others. "Clients go through an assessment phase to determine the best form of assistance to provide them and we will proceed from there," explains Hatcher.

A Homeless Katy Resident Creates a Meaningful Non-Profit

"My husband and I were situationally homeless for a while after a layoff and restructuring of his company that employed him for almost 25 years. We thought he would have no problem finding a job. That was not true. So a year and a half after his lay off he had maxed out credit cards, used up his severance package and still did not know how we would pay for bills. I quit my job in Special Ed with KISD for 12 years and moved with my husband to an independent living facility where we lived and worked on property. We rented out our house. We were helping our kids that had to them also move out. We were not in that position for a year when they let us go. We could not go back home, we lost our place to live and our income. We were once again situationally homeless. We lived with friends for a while until we could find work. If homelessness can happen to us, it can happen to anyone," says Hatcher.

Passing the Torch

During the August board meeting Hope Impacts president, Mark Wiley swore in 5 new board members, bringing the total board to 9 members. It was Wiley's last meeting as president as he served out his 3 year term and swore in new president, Rob Willette. Hope Impacts thanks Mark for his commitment and dedication that he showed over his tenure as President. Both Tina and Mark were honored by Katy Magazine as One of the 100 Women of the Year and Man of the Year for 2018. And just recently Tina was named as a “Harvey Hero” award. “I have some very big shoes to fill replacing Mark as President but I’m up for the challenge," says new president, Rob Willette.

Get Involved

Hope Impacts is hosting their 3rd Annual Golf Tournament Monday October 29th at Weston Lakes Country Club. They are looking for teams, single golfers, hole sponsors, and silent auction items. For more information about the Golf Tournament and other news of Hope Impacts please visit their website.

"Our job is to be a blessing to others because we are richly blessed. To offer others the hope we have, and to walk the journey with them. This is a relational ministry and we value each person and family that walks through our doors," says Tina Hatcher.


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