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Katy Homeowner Shoots Teen Car Burglary Suspect


July 27, 2018

By Jennifer Skelton

A Katy homeowner shot a teen burglary suspect, John Mixon, around 1:00 am on Friday morning in the Memorial Parkway subdivision.

Harris County Sheriff's Office said a woman saw a motion detector light come on outside the home in the 21000 block of Park Valley Drive in the Memorial Parkway subdivision near Westgreen Blvd and Highland Knolls. The elderly homeowner looked out her window and saw Mixon wearing a mask and hooded sweatshirt in her detached garage trying to break into her car.

The husband grabbed a gun and confronted the Mixon, 19, who is also a Memorial Parkway resident. The homeowner attempted to detain him before police arrived but when Mixon started towards the elderly homeowner, he fired and Mixon was hit in the head. The homeowners were not injured.

According to Harris County Sheriff Precinct 5 investigators, Mixon ran to a nearby home and hid behind an air conditioning unit, where a K9 officer found him.

He was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital. His condition was initially reported as serious but the bullet appears to have only grazed his head.

There has been an increase in car burglaries in neighborhoods on the south side of Katy. Many of these have been caught on video and released to the public for help in identifying the suspect. At this time, police do not know if this suspect is responsible for other burglaries but are looking into this possibility.

The homeowners have a video surveillance system that the suspect was caught on. Below is a still shot from that video.

Mixon will be charged with felony home burglary. Mixon has a criminal history in Harris County for theft and evading arrest and is currently on probation.

Katy Magazine will release more details as they become available.


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