Katy ISD Addresses Pandemic Challenges; Plans for Growth as ‘Destination District'


October 22, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy ISD Superintendent Dr. Ken Gregorski discussed a wide range of topics in this year’s State of the District. The growing District of 88,000 students celebrates success despite continuing to address struggles through from the pandemic.

Photo courtesy: KISD

Annual District Leadership Meeting

The Katy ISD District leadership team met to discuss many topics related to the growing district. The team is made up of principals and department heads. Each year they follow a districtwide theme that reflects the spirit of the school community.

'ONE Katy, Stronger Together'

“This year, that theme is ‘ONE Katy, Stronger Together.’ And, wow, we truly have shown the power of our collective strength and will this past year,” says Dr. Ken Gregorski, Katy ISD Superintendent of Schools.

Gregorski spoke on how the District has navigated the unprecedented challenges that came with COVID-19 pandemic. He says the District made it a priority to provide “world-class education to all students in a safe environment.”

District Works to Mitigate COVID Cases

Katy ISD worked to mitigate COVID cases through cleaning protocols, onsite COVID Testing Center, and other safety measures.

“I continue to be in awe of the work our teachers, support staff, administrators, technology group, and operations team have performed over the past 19 months to ensure our students could safely learn, engage, and grow,” says Gregorski.

According to the District's COVID-19 Dashboard, they have had a cumulative of 4,809 reported cases of COVID-19 since June 1, 2021.

Economic Impacts, other Factors Led to End of KVA

The District started this academic year with Katy Virtual Academy as an option for students K-6 grade. The Board of Trustees voted to not